BOM Configurator

Comprehensive Solution for Variant Management

Why Use the BOM Configurator?

In today’s competitive business landscape, effectively managing product families with numerous variations and configurations is crucial for meeting customer demands while optimizing resources. Use of BOM Configurator for variant management offers a powerful solution by streamlining complexity, reducing costs, and accelerating innovation. BOM configurator provides comprehensive Variant Management capabilities, enabling businesses to efficiently manage product families, enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and drive innovation. The BOM Configurator is one of our top UX add-ons for PLM solutions. 

Elevate your Variant Management with the BOM Configurator. Seamlessly configure Rule-based BOM variants, effortlessly handle intricate logic, and create customized rules. Our intuitive Admin Panel and User Panel simplify BOM creation. Ensure consistency across markets while catering to unique needs. Experience streamlined Variant Management now.

Key Features


Rule-based Configuration


Scalability & Flexibility

Intuitive Interface


Variant Management


Efficient Collaboration

Version Control



Rule Engine

Error Checking & Validation

Configuration Options

BOM Configurator provides an array of configuration options, empowering businesses to design, customize, and control every aspect of their product configurations. With the intuitive Admin Panel, businesses gain unparalleled control and flexibility over their BOMs, ensuring that each configuration aligns precisely with customer requirements.


Variant Creation

Revolutionize your product customization with the BOM Configurator. Effortlessly create rule-based BOM variants, handle intricate logic, and define custom rules. Simplify variant creation using our intuitive Admin Panel and User Panel. Achieve consistency across markets while catering to unique needs. Experience streamlined variant creation like never before.

With BOM Configurator capabilities, businesses gain a competitive edge by efficiently creating and managing product variants, reducing complexity, and accelerating time-to-market

Conditional Rules

Our BOM Configurator is designed to empower with the ability to create intelligent and dynamic BOM variants that adapt to their choices and specific requirements. With the advanced Conditional Rules feature, businesses can take reconfigurability to the next level, allowing for precise control and customization.


Base BOM and Market BOM

With BOM Configurator, businesses can seamlessly customize Market Bills of Materials (BOMs) exclusively for each category, tailoring optional features to match specific market requirements. This flexibility allows businesses to stay agile, expand efficiently, and achieve precision in their product offerings. The BOM Configurator offers a range of features to support Base BOMs and Market BOMs, providing businesses with the tools they need to excel.

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Xavor team, we're really happy with your excellent work over the last few months, including smoothly publishing the latest code to production with new UI design, employee directory search, advanced search, contact lists, and profile features. Your quick mobilization to get our Costa Rica site up and LIVE, as well as the impressive dev site demo with the Audit Trail feature, shows your capabilities. Job well done!
Edwards Lifesciences |
Xavor, thank you for your hard work on the BackStage project. You are winners of the Standing O Award! The project was complex with hardware delays, but the solution went live, and the business is happy. Eight microsites were deployed, with more in the works. Great job! Congratulations
Alan Flaesgarten
Vice President - IT Supply Chain / ERP Services Guitar Center Inc
“We had to stop overwhelming people with unneeded information. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server will give us this capability _ about 40 - 50 hours per week of our group members” Time will be freed up to do substantially higher-value tasks. such as operational oversight and strategic planning”
Lisa Sullivan
Director of Operations Virgin Entertainment Group

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