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5 Remarkable Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft’s cloud-based service Azure has wondrous effects on businesses. It improves their scalability and cuts down the hosting and storage costs. Azure enables developers to create, manage, and deploy robust apps. Some of the noticeable Azure cognitive services or Azure ML-based capabilities include: Handwriting recognition Text sentiment analysis Ad-free searches Azure Cognitive Services Azure undergoes […]

Staff Augmentation For Startups | Usefulness And Benefits

Hiring or firing an employee is a time-consuming and exhaustive process for employers. Most companies try to escape the concept of in-house recruitment because it does not work well most of the time. It is often a long, tiring, expensive process. Businesses often require specialized skills for time-bound projects. It serves as the primary reason […]

The Significance of Product Lifecycle Management

We live in the golden age of technology, where innovation in value chains and processes is fundamental to a company’s survival. However, PLM plays a vital role in the innovation process by developing next-generation products at a lower price. PLM-driven products have a faster time to market as compared to conventional methods. Product lifecycle management […]

Angular Vs React – Which One is Better for Your Project?

Web development has undergone massive changes and transformations lately. Among other things impacting the pace, introduction, and upgrades of various frameworks have had their share of impact on web development. React vs Angular are two pillars in web development. The word JavaScript Ecosystem immediately brings the thought of Angular vs React. However, these two are […]

The Ultimate Guide To Cloud Solutions For Businesses

Reinvent your IT services and innovate business decisions with cloud solutions.  From customer innovation to building the IT architecture, cloud computing offers the right solutions for your business needs. Cloud computing refers to delivering various computing services such as servers, storage, database, analytics, and networking. It is a big leap of faith from traditional metrics […]

E-commerce Trends 2022 That Businesses Must Excel In

E-commerce is an essential outlet for retail businesses, as it supports their sales through physical channels while also creating an online presence. Consumers primarily interact with brands through social media. Therefore, it is essential to stay connected to the consumer via online channels, even for physical store purchases. Besides the need for retailers to create […]

What’s in the Plans for Computer Vision in 2022?

Computer Vision has evolved swiftly under the AI revolution and is now able to perform complex tasks. It has use cases in every industry and benefits users and businesses alike. Computer Vision’s incorporation into heavy machinery and production units has made life-saving differences to the safety levels. Similarly, CV has allowed medical professionals to diagnose […]

7 Business Benefits of Investing in DevOps

As with any operational work, IT development also needs streamlining, automation, and safety protocols to grow. However, the process of writing code is a high-skilled job and therefore automation or workflow planning becomes quite tedious. The increasing demand for digital products in the 21st Century has led to the creation of investing in DevOps (Development […]