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ECO Dashboard

Xavor’s ECO Dashboard Solution makes managing your change approvals effortless. All of the information and ability needed to make sound decisions are provided up front in easy-to-view layouts with actionable controls all in one table. So, ECO Dashboard helps you in this matter. This creates a high level of user agility with making decisions by simply navigating through a volume of changes and accessing decision data elements. 

Key Features

Subclass Grouping
Redline Overview
Direct Item View
Attachments Access
Email Integration
Sign-off History
action management
Action Management

Accelerate Change with ECO Dashboards

ECO Dashboards are deployed within Agile PLM, allowing a comprehensive and actionable view of Change requiring your attention. They provide quick access to necessary details to assess change impact and take action. This leads to faster user responses, shorter approval cycles, and improved user effectiveness.

ECO Dashboard – One Panel:
  • All Changes of all Types assigned to You
  • All Attachment Links of Changes and Items
  • Approve
  • Reject
  • Comment
  • Audit
  • Redlines
  • Includes separate “All Changes Originated by You” dashboard
ECO Dashboard

Hear From Our Clients

Xavor enjoys a positive relationship with all our clients and greatly values the feedback.

Xavor team, we're really happy with your excellent work over the last few months, including smoothly publishing the latest code to production with new UI design, employee directory search, advanced search, contact lists, and profile features. Your quick mobilization to get our Costa Rica site up and LIVE, as well as the impressive dev site demo with the Audit Trail feature, shows your capabilities. Job well done!
Edwards Lifesciences |
Xavor, thank you for your hard work on the BackStage project. You are winners of the Standing O Award! The project was complex with hardware delays, but the solution went live, and the business is happy. Eight microsites were deployed, with more in the works. Great job! Congratulations
Alan Flaesgarten
Vice President - IT Supply Chain / ERP Services Guitar Center Inc
JFM is extremely satisfied with Xavor's test scripts. Their efforts made UAT run smoothly, and we fully believe in the team to complete the remaining test cases. The daily calls are no more needed and the team will be informed by Jeppe or Ida of necessary test case changes. Thank you for all you've done!

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