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We empower your business by strengthening your growth and planning with smart data analytics tools to anticipate market shifts, manage risks, and better understand the dynamics of your business.

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For data to benefit your business, it must be organized in your preferred format and then presented with convenience and interactivity in mind. Xavor has perfected a multi-stage process to implement end-to-end Business Intelligence BI solutions. Each stage of the process can be customized using the built-in components of industry-leading tools such as OBIEE, IBM Cognos, etc.

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At Xavor, our analysis and administration services come with a comprehensive approach that caters to all of your business needs at one place, including

How We Do It

Our process begins with an agile and responsive digital development that includes powerful collaboration and modernized projects that endeavor for better results. We introduce user experience designs that cover design exercises at every phase of the life-cycle of UI/UX keeping in mind the needs of end-users.

Our Success Stories

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A global leader in computer manufacturing was using Agile PLM as an ideation engine, particularly for innovation-critical projects. With the growing workforce, their team realized that difficult software navigation was one of the challenges for newcomers and was also causing a delay in critical projects.


Power BI

Power BI is more than just a visualization tool. It is an intelligent self-service BI system that can be used to cater to data from a wide variety of heterogeneous sources.

Data Modeling and Cleansing

With an elaborate range of data-source connectivity, you can now consolidate data from all business departments and create a holistic view of your whole business regardless of the ERP system involved. We specialize in cleansing data, using Power BI as an ETL tool, building associations, and statistical modeling.

Report Design and Visualizations

We have our hands on each visual type available in the library, from a simple line chart to a waterfall chart; we aim to develop the dashboards as per the nature of residing data. For example, to depict a classic month-over-month (MoM) achievement, we will utilize the gauge chart.

Not only this, but we also keep in mind the cross-device compatibility while developing our dashboards using standard principles described by Microsoft report designers so that they are always eye-catching yet highly interactive.

Data Analysis

An added feature of Power BI is its recognition of DAX functions and Power Pivot. Any custom calculation can be done using one or a combination of DAX expressions. The table structure in each dataset can also be tweaked by using another feature named Power Query, which uses the M language. The most significant advantage of this element is that a person with a no-code or low-code background can easily use it through its graphical interface. We have vast expertise in M language and DAX expressions and can provide you with any metric tailored to your requirements.

One of our key strengths is the KPIs we develop to use in our dashboards. All of our numeric and string calculations are stored in measures to boost the efficiency of the report. We have familiarized ourselves with all time-based forecasting and predictive analytics to be at par with the latest trends in dashboarding.

Data Administration

Most of the time, the data residing in the reports and dashboards comprises sensitive information like sales, margins, and other cost-oriented metrics. Therefore, it is pivotal that only concerned personnel access this data. We are technically equipped to provide row-level security, for that matter. Often the developed reports require sharing and collaboration among peers; we can utilize the subscribing and sharing option in the Microsoft Power BI web service to achieve this purpose.

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Tableau helps turn complex data into valuable insight, which leads to action, cuts down analysis time, and changes behaviors that help everyone be more data-driven across the business. Data can come from any source in today’s data-driven world, e.g., data warehouses, cloud files, big data, spreadsheet data, non-relational, and several other types of data analytics.

Tableau offers a wide variety of complex visuals, enabling us to achieve great context. It also packs dedicated tooling to aid in the “visual preparation” of data and optimize your visuals across different form factors and screen real estate.

Data Modeling and Cleansing

Whether you’re talking about a small business or a big enterprise solution, your data comes from multiple sources such as flat files, external sources, spreadsheets, and many more. That requires meticulous attention to combine and understand all the data as a single source of truth.

Cleaning up low-quality data makes it easier to combine and analyze your data and more accessible for others to understand it while sharing your data sets.

Tableau offers Tableau Prep, a more comprehensive tool for complex data transformations with a visual and direct interface to combine, shape, and clean data. Tableau Prep, combined with our trained resources, makes it easier for analysts and business users to start their analysis faster.

Report Design and Visualizations

An organization produces millions of rows of data every day, and visualizations are vital in making it understandable. Data visualizations help tell stories by transforming data into a form that is easier to understand, highlighting new patterns and trends.

Organizations use different dashboards to quickly gain insights into the most critical aspects of their data. With dashboards, you can identify problem areas in your business and how you can improve its overall growth and performance.

Tableau offers a wide range of visualizations like charts, graphs, and maps. Data visualization tools provide an accessible way to see and understand trends and highlights outliers so that you can make informed data-driven decisions. You have come to the right place if you require visually appealing, interactive, and robust reports and dashboards for your organization.

Data Analysis

Every business generates enormous data that is beneficial only if that data is used sensibly and correctly. Data analytics enables organizations to analyze all their data (real-time, historical, unstructured, structured, qualitative) to identify patterns and generate insights.

With Tableau, we can provide data analysis in a more understandable and visually appealing. Tableau also offers self-service BI capabilities so that you can ask questions and get answers in no time. When you build analysis and learn from it simultaneously, opportunities for investigation present themselves. Tableau’s visual analytics makes asking and answering questions about your data intuitive, and even as those questions naturally grow in complexity, you can always ask more!

The type of analysis that we can do for you include:

Realtime analysis
Forecasting and Predictive Analytics
Time series analytics
KPIs and metrics
Key data points
Operational reporting

Data Administration

If you have plenty of dashboards and reports but are unable to manage and collaborate across your organization, fret not; our professionals will handle it for you by ensuring the implementation of the following best practices:

Collaboration and sharing across the organization
Data level and object level security
Data privacy and security monitoring

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