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Fostering Data Intelligently

Data and business intelligence (BI) play a critical role in helping businesses achieve their strategic goals. But data fostering and its subsequent utilization are not everyone’s cup of tea. Xavor’s BI & Data Analytics services offer end-to-end analytics solutions that enable you to foster a data-driven culture and drive business growth backed by data-driven decisions.

We empower your business by strengthening your growth and planning with smart data management and analytics tools that offer actionable business insights. As a result, you’re in a better position to anticipate market shifts, manage risks, and understand the dynamics of your business and the wider industry it operates in.

From Tableau and Power BI consulting services to business data analytics and data visualization services, Xavor offers end-to-end data analytics consulting services that cater to all your needs in one place.

Are you ready to develop an environment where data not only survives but also thrives and is properly utilized?


Our Core Data Analytics Services

For data to benefit your business, data management and analytics services must be organized in your preferred format and presented with convenience and interactivity in mind. Xavor has perfected a multi-stage process to implement end-to-end business intelligence solutions. Each stage of qualitative data visualization process can be customized using the built-in components of industry-leading tools such as OBIEE, IBM Cognos, Power BI, Tableau, Snowflake, etc. 

Construction of Data Platform
Data Engineering
Data Modeling
Data Analytics

Domain Specific Services

BI and data analytics services are critical to any company’s success – and so is the approach used to perform business analytics and employ BI tools. At Xavor, we use a comprehensive approach to our data analytics services and administration services that caters to all your business needs in one place.

Financial Analytics

Gain real-time insights into your financial performance for in-depth planning and analysis, optimize budget allocation and tracking, and identify growth opportunities for sustained profitability.

Customer Analytics

Deliver personalized customer experiences that foster loyalty by using data analytics to deeply understand your customer’s behavior, pain points, and preferences.

Marketing analytics
Marketing Analytics

Embrace data-driven marketing campaigns that target the right audiences, enable higher conversion rates, and uncover new market opportunities for expansion.

Sales Analytics

Empower your sales team with data-driven intelligence to identify hot leads, prioritize prospects, increase win rates, and improve sales velocity.

Healthcare Analytics

Optimize resource allocation, improve treatment outcomes, and enhance overall healthcare delivery through advanced analytics, ensuring both clinical excellence and operational efficiency.

Supply Chain Analytics

Use data insights to streamline your supply chain operations, reduce costs, and optimize inventory management.

Delivering Analytics

Ensure timely and efficient delivery of products and services, optimizing logistics and customer satisfaction through data-led route planning and performance analysis.

people analytics
People Analytics

Create a productive, highly-motivated workforce by harnessing the power of data to hire the best talent, boost employee engagement, and optimize employee performance.

Hire Data Specialists & Big Data Engineers

Are you looking for a data visualization specialist with top-notch talent to join your data science team? Xavor has you covered with skilled data specialists, big data engineers, senior data scientists, data management specialists, and more.

Whether you want qualitative data visualizations or interactive data visualizations, Xavor’s data visualization specialists can do it all. Our staff augmentation services cater to a wide range of data science and analytics roles, including:

With Xavor, you gain access to a tailored team capable of meeting your specific data needs effectively.





Our Technology Stack

BI & Data
Visualization Tools

Extract Transform
Load (ETL)

Data Storage
& Analysis

Customer Journey to Data Maturity

Xavor follows a multi-stage process of maturing data as it moves through heterogeneous source systems to downstream applications such as data visualization tools and machine learning models. Our agile approach to managing the data lifecycle ensures that we deliver value and insights faster while ensuring that the data we present is fully vetted and actionable. Xavor’s computational data analytics process still leaves room for making the necessary adjustments based on customer feedback.


Data Discovery & Analysis

  • Identification of data sources and destinations
  • Understanding of core data entities and attributes
  • Data quality checks, outlier and anomaly detection
  • Defining flow of data through assessments and mappings

Modeling & Architecture Design

  • Data modeling
  • Design of data warehouses and data lakes, logical modeling
  • Defining business KPIs and semantic layer design
  • Digitization strategy
  • Data governance and security architecture, MDM solution

Data Consolidation

  • Data extraction and cleansing
  • E2E implementation of data pipelines from source to destination
  • Enrichment and augmentation of data
  • Construction of semantic layer
  • Enablement of logging, monitoring, and scheduling mechanisms

Intelligent Insights

  • Interactive Data Visualization
  • Report automation
  • Provisioning of data for ML workloads
  • Prescriptive and predictive analytics
  • Implementation of privacy-preserving mechanisms

Optimization & Maintenance

  • Ensuring maximum uptime
  • Optimization of E2E pipelines and processes
  • Providing support within short SLAs
  • Maintenance automation

Our Success Story

Building Supply Chain Dashboards for a Leading US-based Healthcare Provider

Xavor worked with a top U.S. healthcare provider company to build dashboards that showed supply chain data as it moved from the factory floor and aggregated up to the leadership level. The data visualization dashboard was designed with unification in mind so that multiple areas could use the same data visualizations and draw different insights according to their processes.

Earlier, doing all this entailed manual work, which was naturally error-prone and time-consuming. By automating and digitizing this otherwise cumbersome process, Xavor helped its valuable client save up to $1 million each year!

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