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The rise of microservices has revolutionized the tech industry. A microservices development approach allows your system to be responsive to change and ensure smooth service delivery. Your application system can be (re)designed as a series of autonomous services, which are easy to scale and evolve while maintaining resilience to failure. The result? Improved performance, availability, and efficient development.  

Scalable, evolvable, and reliable, microservices applications are fast making legacy monolithic applications history. Our mobile app development services use the microservices architecture to build incredible apps. Modern software must be quick and reliable under various circumstances – and a microservices architecture does that job for you! 


Microservices Assessment

Our microservices assessment combines technical expertise, domain knowledge, and critical thinking to optimize system efficiency, scalability, security, and maintainability. We provide actionable recommendations for ecommerce microservices architecture to meet business requirements.

Microservices Consulting

Adopt microservices with confidence using our expert guidance at every stage of the cycle. We assist in technology selection, strategy, design, agile team setup, and provide skilled engineers to strengthen your technical team.

Microservices Design & Development

Our design and development team believes in a user-first approach. We focus on creating scalable, modular solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring seamless integration and future-proofing your business.

Microservices Migration

Our seasoned experts help overcome technical challenges of migrating to microservices, including refactoring monolithic apps, advanced DevOps, and service interdependencies to ensure benefits outweigh added complexities.

Microservices Testing

Xavor helps you overcome microservices testing challenges by addressing service dependencies, testing data management, and implementing continuous testing and monitoring tools for high-quality and reliable software delivery.

Microservices Support & Maintenance

With our advanced DevOps practices, continuous monitoring, and automation tools, we ensure effective support and maintenance of microservices software with high availability, scalability, and reliability.

Why Microservices?

Move to a microservices architecture and upgrade your software to be faster, scalable, and resilient – on a budget that suits your business.  Xavor offers end-to-end support for planning, implementing, and maintaining your ecommerce microservices architecture and microservice applications. 




High-Level Architecture

Our seasoned technology experts have developed a general microservices architecture that is optimal for most microservices-based solutions.   

Tech Stack

Typically, every microservice possesses its unique technological framework comprising the tools and technologies employed for constructing, deploying, and managing that particular service. Our team has extensively employed and acquired proficiency in the following technologies.


Microservices Migration

In today’s rapidly evolving business world, moving to microservices from monolithic applications requires careful planning to stay competitive. Microservices build on SOA principles, such as centralized governance and service contracts. Three common strategies for migrating to microservices are:  

  • Creating new modules as services 
  • Separating existing modules into services 
  • Complete rewriting 

The best approach for your business depends on factors like timeline, cost, resources, and goals. 




Why Xavor?

With a wide range of experience in delivering enterprise scale microservices projects, Xavor has learnt and overcome the challenges faced by hi-tech organizations in delivering microservices–based projects at scale.

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