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Creating value through DevOps

Build a robust IT environment using Xavor’s managed cloud services that help you secure critical business data. Our cloud management services take the load off your technology executives to enable them to focus on strategic matters while we handle their cloud infrastructure. We build, deliver, and manage complex digital solutions. Our managed cloud services include cloud migration services, cloud consulting services, cloud infrastructure management services, cloud hosting, storage, and backup services. Leverage managed cloud services to enable rapid issue resolution, improve security, and optimize costs, to name only a few.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of practices that help you plan how both development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams can work cohesively to deliver your company’s products and services, meet customer needs and stay ahead of your competitors. In short, it is a set of tools that leverages people, processes, and technology to enable safer, faster handling of any IT software delivery initiative.

Yet, according to Gartner, as of the beginning of 2022, 75% of DevOps initiatives have not met these expectations because of inefficient collaboration, lack of buy-in from employees, trying to do too much too quickly and unrealistic expectations. For a methodology that is so critical to businesses today, it’s still surrounded by uncertainty and doubt. Let’s look at how you can make DevOps work for you and why it’s so important that you do so.

Why Your Business Needs DevOps

One of the biggest headaches IT leaders face today is managing cross-functional teams to develop and deploy high-quality software faster. Not only does their work have to be continuous to stay productive, but there’s the need to save the business money, time and improve end user and customer satisfaction while fixing a seemingly endless parade of bugs.

Without a robust DevOps process in place that benefits the entire organization, IT management and tech leaders often feel like they are chasing the impossible.


If you are looking for database storage, content delivery, or compute power, our AWS services will help you. We build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability

AWS Cloud Migrations

Assess your existing infrastructure, identify unique characteristics, and implement AWS migration with a customized strategy

AWS Cloud Infrastructure Design and Strategy

Use proven design patterns to ensure an infrastructure that is scalable, easy to manage, and secure to meet your organization’s demands.

Multi-Platform & Secure Operations

Implement a hybrid approach of seamless connectivity between your internal data centers and your AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with security in mind.

AWS Cost Management

Get a cost optimization audit of the infrastructure and implementation. Save significant amounts per annum.

Maintenance & Management of AWS Resources

Create, modify, and terminate collections of AWS resources using pre-defined and reusable infrastructure templates.

OS & Application Stack Management

Automate, configure, deploy, and manage servers and stacks with our expert AWS resources.

Speed up cloud provisioning with infrastructure as code

Automate, test, and deploy infrastructure templates with continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) automation.

Amazon EC2 Services

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) offers the broadest and deepest computing platform. Our AWS experts can provide all EC2 related services in an optimized way.


Architect your infrastructure for high availability and improved performance, offering flexibility throughout any enterprise life-cycle.

Our Success Stories

Hear About Xavor’s Outstanding Work from Our Clients

A significant benefit of adopting DevOps and managed cloud services practice is that it lowers the failure rate of new features while improving recovery time. The continuous deployment, testing, and feedback loops ensure faster service delivery and happier customers.


azure Services

Azure DevOps automates your software delivery process and boosts your software development by providing an alternative to self-managed CI/CD servers and open-source DevOps tools. Our team of experts can provide you best quality of Azure DevOps services.

Azure Container Service

Microsoft Azure offers many options to work with containers through which you can store and manage your private container images.

Azure Virtual Machines (VMs)

Migrate your business- and mission-critical workloads to Azure infrastructure and improve operational efficiency. Choose your favorite Linux distribution or Windows Server.

Azure Network Services

Design and implement Azure Networking products to deliver additional functionality or better performance to enterprises.

Azure Active Directory Domain Services

Now easier to move your legacy, on-premises apps to the cloud. Our managed solutions include geo-redundancy, faster sync, and resource forests.

Azure Migrate

Secure Lift and Shift of servers, Databases, and Applications using Azure Migrate.

Multilayered Security

Take advantage of multilayered security across data centers, infrastructure, and operations.

Azure Site Recovery

Get best-in-class Disaster Recovery as a Service to ensure application availability and fast recovery.

Azure Managed Services

Improve and manage the high availability of your critical business systems/applications.

Cost Management

Achieve cost transparency and be able to assign specific cost alerts and limits to optimize the budget.

Monitoring Solutions

Set up Azure alerts for the security and availability of applications and infrastructure according to the need.

Our Success Stories

Hear About Xavor’s Outstanding Work from Our Clients

A significant benefit of adopting DevOps practices is that it lowers the failure rate of new features while improving recovery time. The continuous deployment, testing, and feedback loops ensure faster service delivery and happier customers.


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