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Developing and deploying machine learning models at a fast pace.

Whether you wish to use AI ML Solutions for analysis and strategic decision-making, you want to make complex predictions, or just replace manual processes with AI Models, Xavor is there to help you.


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Using the most advanced AI technologies to automate and digitize your day-to-day operations, Xavor’s certified professionals from Google, Amazon, and Azure help rearchitect digital processes, the confluence of data, and algorithms to break silos.






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Our Success Stories

Improving Remote Elderly Care with Chatbots

An Elderly Care Facility based in Shanghai, China, experienced an increase in geriatric patients. They observed signs of loneliness, accidents at home, and clinical dementia in patients who were living alone.


Azure cognitive & Bot services

Natural Language Processing & Sentimental Analysis Solution
Unlock the true potential of information to provide your company an edge over competitors.

Our team can assist you with integrating NLP capabilities into your applications, bots, and IoT devices for a wide range of sectors in order to reduce complexity and process documents quickly. Your business may create a next-generation digital assistant that is contextually relevant, comprehends the language people use to communicate, and makes smarter judgments by utilizing our NLP knowledge.

Computer Vision Services and Solutions
AI helps the computer to think, and computer vision helps the computer to see.

Computer vision is concerned with the automatic extraction, analysis, and interpretation of relevant information from a single image or a sequence of images. To accomplish autonomous visual understanding, a theoretical and computational foundation must be developed. Here at Xavor Corporation, our computer vision team creates custom videos and image analysis software for Computer vision and image processing.

Predictive Analysis Services and Solutions
Join forces with our predictive analytics team to realize never-before-seen business gains

To forecast future events and experiences, we develop predictive analysis models using historical data. These aid businesses in expanding their activities, streamlining their operations, increasing their usefulness, and cutting costs.

We offer the most appropriate recommendation systems to our clients.

These systems make individualized or broad recommendations on services, depending on what would be in the best interests of the user and the service provider. We offer our clients the most customized, unique recommendation systems that can produce results quickly and efficiently.

Audio Analysis Services and Solutions
We train computers to hear.

Investigate, Identify, and Make Use of the Value in Audio Data

Our playing field is your audio data. It doesn’t merely consist of words. We can dig deeper, quickly uncover useful facts that can be put to use and let you know the truth.

Time Series Analysis Services and Solutions
Building exceptional custom-predictive analytics models to enable digital transformation journey.

At Xavor, we use a specific procedure to gather and review your information. Our time series analysts work to generate excellent development in your business by statistically modeling your data and accurately predicting future trends.

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