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Develop and modernize web applications using JAM stack

Why JAM Stack?

Xavor assists its valued partners in moving from traditional client-server web applications to innovative JAM Stack websites. JAM Stack websites have a faster load time, are highly scalable, easy to maintain, cost-effective, and more secure than conventional web applications. Xavor has expertise in delivering applications using enterprise-grade coding standards and application architecture on top of JAM Stack with more than 100+ successfully delivered projects.

Benefits of JAM Stack

Traditional client-server applications have a lot of architectural drawbacks. In these applications, the UX layer is driven by the application business logic, resulting in a complex user experience and application scalability issues. JAM Stack is an architectural approach that provides separation between the business logic and the application front end. The business logic and the 3rd party integrations are consumed as APIs, while the application front end (markup) is populated and updated using modern JavaScript frameworks. This results in a more robust, scalable, flexible, user-centric, and fast application framework. We follow a user-centric approach to develop solutions using JAM Stack that ensures a joyful user journey.

Scalable Microservices Architecture
Serverless Computing
Progressive Web Apps
Super-Fast Application Performance using CDN and Edge Computing
Ability to Integrate with a Headless CMS
Ability to use Static Site Generators
More Stable and Secure
Cost-Optimized and Developer-Friendly Application Framework

Our JAM Stack Services

Application Development using JAM Stack
Extending and optimizing existing applications using JAM Stack
Adding Compliances and Standards
Mobile Optimization
Cloud Optimization
Business Workflow Automation
3rd Party Services Integration
Maintenance and Support
Performance and Scalability
Cost Optimization

Technology Stack

Front End

Next JS
Material UI

Back End

Node Js
Kentico CMS
Orchard Core
WordPress (headless)
CrownPeak CMS


Azure Web App
Azure VM
Blob Storage
Azure Redis Cache
Azure AD
AWS CloudFront
AWS Amplify

Relevant Services

Enterprise Web Solution Development

Xavor follows enterprise-grade standards to develop highly secure, mobile-optimized web portals and channels. With our enterprise web solutions, your team can customize and extend your CMS (Content Management System) functionality to meet modern-day marketing needs for multichannel content creation and publishing. 

Here is a list of services we provide in this domain:


  • Business Process Automation
  • Implementation of ecommerce Platforms
  • Marketing/CRM Solutions
  • Integrating Third-party Data Gathering and Analytics Tools
  • Integrating Health Monitoring and Audit Trail
  • Web Analytics
  • Progressive Web App Development

CMS Development

Xavor empowers its clients to extend their outreach, speak to the right audiences, and digitally promote their products and services. We do this by helping our customers develop quality web marketing channels and building a supportive ecosystem using a headless CMS. Xavor has expertise in developing prominent web channels, including global websites using JAM Stack as the front end and a headless CMS as the content repository.

Our CMS Development Services include:

  • Content creation, publishing, compliance and automation workflows
  • Content branding, toolkit and brand guideline development
  • CMS integration with 3rd party modules like translation management, payment gateways, etc.
  • Web Channel Development
  • CMS Framework Development and Implementation


Xavor has been assisting organizations in adhering to regional compliance standards for their CMS-based portals for the past 10 years. At Xavor, we create web applications by following all the regional standards, and we also assist organizations in implementing those standards in their existing web applications.

We help ensure compliance with the following regulations:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  • European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR)
  • Accessibility Designs (ADA)
  • Open Web Application Security Protocol (OWASP)

Our Success Stories

Hear About Xavor’s Outstanding Work from Our Clients

A global leader in computer manufacturing was using Agile PLM as an ideation engine, particularly for innovation-critical projects. With the growing workforce, their team realized that difficult software navigation was one of the challenges for newcomers and was also causing a delay in critical projects.

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