Transform Your Agile PLM Experience Through Excel Integration

Microsoft Excel is the go-to tool for data organization and analysis. It has a user-friendly interface and its wide variety of customizable options make it the industry standard for spreadsheets. For Agile PLM users, its significance is manifold. Agile users have to make frequent updates to the existing data or create objects on a mass scale. Without Excel, this can seem like an uphill task. Manually working on each object one by one and updating values requires a lot of time and effort. Excel integration can enable Agile users to save both time and effort by allowing them to modify hundreds of objects at the same time.

Without logging into the Agile and navigating through its complicated interface, users can simply manage complex operations by integrating Excel with Agile. Also, through the search option in Excel, users can pull up the required data at any time easily, analyze that data, and create detailed reports.

The automation offered by this integration improves workflow, enhances productivity, and frees up precious employee time to focus on other important business operations or decisions.


User Enhancements Offered by PLM-Excel Integration:

Excel integration can empower Agile users to capture useful insights and make timely decisions through the following features:

Improved Search and Update:

Integration with Excel makes it easy for users to execute a PLM search. They don’t have to log in to PLM to do a search. They can easily execute it within Excel. By associating Agile search with a specific sheet, users can also easily update and make changes to the desired attributes.

Easy BOM/AML Update:

Integration with Excel enables users to easily get BOM and AML on a single platform and manage operations smoothly. They can also create new BOMs on any sheet and make updates to the BOM or AML within Excel without any hassle.

Refined Change Creation:

Agile PLM users can quickly make updates through a change by this PLM integration. The redlined changed data also makes it easy for users to track changes and analyze data.

Managing Change Configuration:

To open and view a change configuration window, Agile users simply have to click on the update current sheet option. Users can also view and modify a variety of columns on the Excel interface by importing them. After the users make an update, they can view the change in the Affected tab.

Users can easily identify the change because of the red line and also view its description.

Managing BOMs:

Through a segregated log of object numbers, users can view several BOMs and work on at the same time. After the users make an update, they can view the change in the Affected tab. Users can easily identify the change in quantity in BOM because of the red line and also view its description.

Managing Approved Manufacturer List:

Through a segregated log of object numbers, several AMLs can be viewed and worked on at the same time. After the user makes an update, the change can also be viewed in the Affected tab. Users can easily identify the deletion of the manufacturer because of the red line.

Updating All:

If all of the sheets opened in Excel are saved searches, BOMs or AMLs, and need to be added to a single change order, then you can go ahead and click ‘Update All.’



From executing Agile search smoothly to analyzing the desired data quickly, integration of your Agile PLM with Excel offers a range of benefits. To enable users to save precious time and resources, Xavor offers several tools to ensure smooth integration and enhanced user experience.

Users can utilize Xavor’s ‘Agile PLM Wizard’ to configure upload and data validation rules. The wizard will auto-generate a Mass Upload to Excel. Data can be uploaded to Agile PLM from within the excel sheet using the mass upload plugin. Our innovative xEngine also offers several adapters to easily integrate any enterprise system with Agile PLM.

Xavor Corporation has spent 25 years digitizing organizations and enabling them to perform at their best potential. Xavor premium Agile PLM integration services and products help cut unnecessary expenses and put businesses on their way to success. Rely on our team to empower you to build a resilient and adaptable PLM platform for accelerated product launches and time to market.

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