Ideate and Innovate on Agile PLM with CAD Tools Integration

Engineering diagrams are the fundamental blocks of product design, costing, input sourcing, and many other important functions. Since various critical supply chain components for designing a product or service stem from engineering diagrams or blueprints, this information being present in Agile PLM is a necessity. However, importing this data isn’t that simple as there is no in-built support for diagrams within the Agile PLM infrastructure. This blog will outline the problems that arise due to a disconnect between CAD tools integration and Agile PLM, the solution to this predicament, and its several benefits.

The Need to Connect Agile PLM with CAD tools integration:

While it is possible to import engineer drawings or Bill of Materials (BOMs) to Agile PLM, these illustrations are not editable and most file formats may not be supported. Moreover, Agile users themselves define the importing process itself as clunky and unreliable.

Since there is no specialized infrastructure in place to import CAD files to Agile PLM, the process of data transfer is also open to risks. The entire process of importing the illustrations is manual. Users also have to enter any additional information manually, making the entire process mundane and inefficient.

Xavor’s CAD Tools Integration with xEngine:

Xavor’s xEngine is an integrations solution that offers secure and stable connections of various software with Agile PLM via specifically designed adapters. One type of adapters created by Xavor are meant for CAD tools. The CAD tool integrator simplifies the process of connecting your CAD tool and Agile PLM.

The CAD tool adapters are quick and automated, offering a secure and reliable integration as well as efficient data flow throughout the organization on the product/service design process.

CAD tool adapters ensure that designers using CAD tools easily coordinate with Agile PLM (and vice versa). It also allows users to view and link relevant, changing BOMs and other design relevant information; all of which they can automatically modify through a single data entry.

Leveraging CAD Tool Integration for Innovation:

Agile PLM’s primary purpose is to drive innovation to prolong the useful life of products and services. With the xEngine CAD tool adapters, data synchronization between CAD tools and Agile PLM is quick and easy to execute. With automation of several data entry functions, the integration enables efficient performance on product and service design.

Automation reduces the chances of human error that allows more accuracy in their work.  Users can also automate many repetitive tasks, thereby saving precious work hours to dedicate to the innovation and cognitive processes. By involving skilled employees in strategic tasks, organizations can increase their overall efficiency.

An important outcome of integrating and automating CAD tools within Agile PLM is the additional security. The average cost of a cyberattack is $4.6 million per incident, making it crucial for organizations to take their security seriously. By integrating CAD tools with xEngine adapters, the connection is supervised and secured. Moreover, the admin has complete control through verbose event logging and record of transition history.


A higher level of innovation and efficiency is achievable by integrating CAD tools with Agile PLM. Xavor’s xEngine has performed this integration for a variety of Fortune 500 Companies including automobile manufacturers and major computer peripherals producer. Xavor leads the market in the CAD adapters space in the absence of any other standardized CAD tool adapter.

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