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Controlling Access to PLM Documents Portal:

Agile PLM serves as the central repository for important documents in an organization. Various departments require these documents, but not all employees are PLM users.

This sets up a unique problem where the a documents portal created by the organization’s own users cannot be accessed by other employees.

Issues with Current Solutions:

The solution under implementation requires the PLM users to physically print out documents and share them with concerned people. This can be a time-taking and hassle-some process. Some organizations purchase extra user licenses to allow some personnel access to Agile PLM.

However, it can be quite expensive as the supplementary users primarily use Agile PLM only for viewing documents while the hefty license fee is for the entire software.

Xavor’s PLM Document Portal:

Xavor Corporation, which has been offering superior Agile PLM support and maintenance, learned that users commonly faced this issue.

Upon their request;

Xavor developed a powerful and incredibly helpful product for Agile PLM, the PLM Document Portal, which has now gained significant popularity in the PLM space.

The PLM Portal extends the functionality of your existing Agile PLM infrastructure. With this add-on, PLM Admin has the ability to make all Agile PLM documents accessible through a web-view portal.

Through this portal, the admin controls the level of access; whether it is read-only access, or if the files are available for downloaded. Further, the access to documents can be managed extensively by choosing one, many, and all documents available for access.

Improved Access:

PLM Portal empowers organizations to provide two major functionalities to their employees (both Agile users and non-users). The primary one is the ability to provide controlled access to any and all documents within the Agile PLM infrastructure to organizational employees.

Access can also be provided to external users, if need be, such as in the case of customer contracts. The portal comes with a carefully designed ‘Document Viewer’ which is interactive and easy to use. A search option is also included to look for documents within the database quickly and efficiently.

Safeguarded Document Sharing:

To protect privacy while providing access to documents outside the Agile PLM infrastructure, Xavor’s team of experts has incorporated continuous data-back up capabilities. These ensure automatic saving and logging of every version of a document.

Additionally, admins can change the access to pick only a specific version of a document to share.

Moreover, audit logs are created to record the specific users who have accessed and edited documents in case there is a breach or loss of data.

By making these options configurable, the PLM Portal allows admins to be in complete control and set up the add-on to suit their needs perfectly.

Unique PLM Portal Benefits:

The PLM Portal offers several advantages that make it a valuable add-on for Agile PLM. By using PLM portal, organizations are saving on hefty user licensing costs.

By removing the user license restriction, document access is provided to non-Agile users both within and outside the organization.

PLM admins can provide access, as well as monitor and control it at all times. Therefore, the medium of sharing is secure from any threat of leaked data.

Since the PLM Portal manages documents created with the Agile PLM infrastructure, admins benefit from continuous data-backup using the PLM Portal. This allows users to innovate free of disruption from any lost documents.

Users also have access to a better user interface to browse and navigate documents within the PLM Portal. They benefit from an interactive design and the additional search feature.


The PLM Portal enables useful features that make Agile PLM more accessible and secure, while allowing other employees and agents to focus on product innovation.

To try the PLM portal for yourself, visit the Xavor website (Xavor PLM Document Portal | Enhanced Administrative Control) or contact Xavor for a free trial.

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