Key Practices to Accelerate Your Agile PLM Performance

As customers demand more and more personalized products and experiences, manufacturers are finding it challenging to meet these rapidly evolving needs with their traditional PLMs. For today’s innovation processes across products, services and dynamic customer demands, companies need cross functional engineering, IT, and development teams with the rest of their business from their agile PLM performance.

For manufacturers, PLM performance means building a responsive and resilient PLM infrastructure for seamless connectivity between operational and marketing teams. Manufacturers must also achieve PLM performance without risking their software’s functionality. They must also ensure that there is no prolonged downtime or security breaches. 

Regular maintenance, timely updates and, bespoke customizations and integrations can transform PLM’s functionality and PLM infrastructure. They can do so by enhancing user experience, reducing time to market, and driving product innovation.

Xavor is hosting a webinar, ‘Extending the Useful Life of Agile PLM’ on September 9 at 11 AM Pacific. Our in-house speakers, Faisal Saeed, VP IT Services, Bilal Javed, Project Manager, and Muhammad Zaeem, Principal Software Engineer at Xavor, will show you how you can unlock maximum value out of your Agile PLM by improving PLM performance and put your company on its way to success. 

Among the topics of discussion in the webinar by Xavor Corporation, our speakers will address the following: 

Perform Agile Upgrade with Minimal Downtime:

Upgrading to the latest version of Agile offers enhanced user and admin experience and continued Oracle support. This translates to better PLM performance. Agile 9.3.6 also offers more customizations, better process visibility, and improved product collaboration. Another benefit of upgrade is that the right service provider can enable you to leverage the latest features almost immediately. 

Xavor has perfected a timeline over its decade-long experience in digitizing organizations. It has done so by scaling the entire upgrade process between two to six months. Xavor premium upgrade teams also manage the upgrade process expertly and securely. They do so by performing the upgrade with a downtime of only 2 DAYS. Needless to say, Xavor Corporation offers top notch PLM services.

Simplify Platform Management with 24/7 Support:

Xavor’s superior platform management services allow you to amplify PLM performance and prevent any possible future performance or availability issues. We have developed smart processes to assess the health of your software and uncover the causes of any performance issues. We also provide a detailed report with recommended remediation actions.

Also, Xavor’s platform management services include the following key features:

  • Install upgrades and backup your data daily with local and off-site storage
  • Maintain and support PLM with 24×7 Helpdesk availability
  • A free non-production (test) environment
  • Preventive maintenance and support
  • Optimize PLM for seamless workflow and quality security

Enhance User Experience with Custom Add-ons and Integrations

Innovative agile PLM performance and add-ons with customized integrations enable leaders to keep up with the changing industrial regulatory and business requirements. They also enable them to manage supply risks, make timely decisions, and drive growth. Xavor offers a comprehensive suite of add-ons across key areas of user experience, productivity, and analytics to improve PLM performance and PLM infrastructure. These include:

  • Assist+.
  • Automation Engine.
  • UI Wizard.
  • Document Portal.

We also offer these benefits of integrating your agile PLM performance with other enterprise systems like CAD, ERP, and LMS:

  • Rapid and smooth integration through a range of adapters.
  • Proprietary Xavor integration engine to suit specific business requirements.
  • Enable dynamic mappings and data transformations.


In addition to the aforementioned ways, some other ways to accelerate the performance of agile PLM could be as simple as: 

  • Moving PLM to cloud 
  • Instead of opting for incremental changes to the infrastructure, go for complete transformation 
  •  Get rid of the organizational silos 
  • Define your product strategy before commencing any process 

From enhancing user experience to streamlining engineering processes, timely Agile PLM upgrades and innovative add-ons/ integrations help you unlock speed and agility within your company.

All the above mentioned way can help you improve PLM performance.  Xavor Corporation has spent 25 years digitizing organizations. It has also resolved around 6000 PLM-related issues by now. 

Learn how Xavor’s premium Agile services enhance PLM infrastructure and software functionality and empower you to maintain a profitable innovation pipeline, at our live webinar on September 9, 2021 at 11 AM PST. 


Upgrading to the latest version enhances user experience, provides continued Oracle support, and offers more customizations, process visibility, and product collaboration, ultimately improving overall PLM performance. 

Xavor’s platform management services include daily data backups, 24×7 Helpdesk availability, a free non-production environment, preventive maintenance, and support to optimize PLM for seamless workflow and quality security. 

Custom add-ons and integrations from Xavor, such as Assist+, Automation Engine, UI Wizard, and Document Portal, enhance user experience, streamline processes, and enable agile responses to changing industrial and business requirements, driving growth and timely decision-making. 

Moving Agile PLM to the cloud improves accessibility, scalability, and collaboration, leading to increased agility and faster response to market demands. 

Getting rid of organizational silos fosters better communication, collaboration, and efficiency across teams, promoting a more agile and responsive Agile PLM environment.

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