Extend the Useful Life of Agile PLM: Part III (Integrations)

Streamline Operations Through Customized Integrations

This blog is the final part of the series that discusses how the improving life of Agile PLM for customers can address their rapidly evolving business needs and unlock greater value with the right upgrades and integrations without moving to the Cloud.

Agile PLM integrations with other useful systems like CAD, LMS, ERP, and PLM Portal are key to upholding collaboration, uphold product quality, reducing errors, meeting customer expectations, and making accurate pricing estimates. However, to make the most of these integrations, users have to do them right.

Integrations require extensive rework, cross-domain communication, and employee support. The inability to migrate the required information rapidly results in premature activation of core processes, leading to dysfunction and delays. A system particularly designed to manage these integrations could be the solution.

Xavor’s premium xEngine provides the basic infrastructure to address these challenges and seamlessly integrate your agile PLM with other organizational systems. Whenever an ECO/MCO is approved in Agile, xEngine receives a message using the source adapter. The message persists in xEngine until it is picked up by the destination adapter. This also ensures that information migration is done quickly and correctly.

xEngine Capabilities

Xavor’s xEngine has a robust yet lightweight footprint and provides out-of-the-box adapters to connect Agile with ERPs such as EBS, SAP, QAD, or any other system. Custom adapters can also be provided for specific scenarios. Agile PLM integration enables users to drive these benefits from the xEngine:

Tap into Extensible Architecture

xEngine’s reliable and flexible architecture empowers you to integrate the desired systems easily. It also allows the users to choose from a range of unique adapters like SAP, QAD, EBS, and Dynamics AX. Users can easily implement these adapters without any changes to the core infrastructure.

Access Interoperable Interface for Messages

It offers premium and standards-based inbound and outbound interfaces for sending and receiving data messages. Reliable messaging ensures that users have transferred data to target systems. The messaging interface also has a fault tolerance feature that ensures that users do not lose messages due to hardware or network failure.

Deploy Simply and Securely

Complex configurations are the main reason behind integration delays. xEngine resolves this problem by eliminating their requirement altogether. PLM users can install the xEngine and start the integration process without wasting any time.

Manage Configurations in a Single Repository

Updating a PLM software can be time-consuming and hassle-some. System configurations may be scattered across various data silos, and users might find it difficult to gather the data in one place. xEngine makes sure that all system configurations are stored in a database repository and can be updated via a web-based administration portal.

Gain 360-degree Visibility

Security remains a key concern when managing integrations. xEngine’s ‘Management’ and ‘Analytics’ modules offer full system visibility during the web interface to prevent data breaches. These modules provide key information about message processing and track activities by audit log.

Scale Up Integrations to Match System Requirements

Scaling the integrations to match the participating system’s desired magnitude is important to ensure their effectiveness. xEngine has a scalable and modular design that makes sure that all integrations match the desired standard.


From fault tolerance to security management, Xavor’s xEngine offers a range of reliable processes for rapid and smooth agile PLM integration with other systems. The proprietary engine allows you to choose from multiple adapters, addressing your specific business needs.

Xavor Corporation has spent 25 years digitizing organizations and enabling them to perform at their best potential. Over our decade-long experience in providing PLM services, Xavor has worked with diverse clients such as healthcare manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, the automotive industry, and a total of 11 different industries, giving us the expertise to deliver excellent PLM services. Reach out to us if you are looking to unlock speed and agility while ensuring the highest product quality.

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