Assist+: PLM Assistance Tailored to Your Organizational Needs

Making the right decision on the default Agile PLM interface with hundreds of fields can be daunting. Users go through new unfamiliar processes or create documents with complex attributes without any guidance on the rules. This unfamiliarity makes it difficult for them to differentiate between critically important and informational data. So, they have to rely on time-consuming and rigorous training. Even with training, new functionality and rapid updates to data fields can rattle experienced users. Xavor’s Assist+ is a unique navigation solution to combat PLM assistance challenges.

Xavor’s Assist+ guides users at the field level during object creation and updates for a flawless user experience. It also provides mouse-over hover (help) text for Agile objects, which includes all types of changes for content messages for important objects and edits.

 What Is Assist+?

Assist+ is a PLM add-on offered by Xavor that provides in-form assistance and guidance for data entry. It works seamlessly with the Agile PLM environment without any need for a process extension. It also notifies users of changing compliance and regulatory requirements and displays warnings, directions, or alerts.

The correct data is captured initially, eliminating further rework of approval cycles. It also safeguards the quality of data in the Agile PLM system. Assist+ provides users with the required assistance, tailored specifically to their roles and privileges, wherever and whenever they need it. This also helps the users save time, as they don’t have to switch to other applications for guidance or track down others for help.

Key Features of Assist+

Installing Assist+ enables users to enter data accurately, easily, and consistently. These key features also enable agile PLM solution users to unlock maximum value every step of the way:

Help Content & External Links

Create Help Content tied to user roles against all class/ sub-class attributes using a rich text editor to provide basic instructions. Embed external links to sites, documents, audio, videos, or other content accessible via HTML links to augment help content with multimedia.

Color Themes

Set color themes to indicate relevance to user roles within your organization.


You can easily access help in the form of Callouts and enter correct data for various fields, such as text, pictures, and videos.


Pin and maximize the callout on the bottom right corner of the page, while still viewing callouts of other attributes on hover.

Data Import/Export

Transfer data between servers without hassle or loss of data and configuration settings.

Key Benefits of Assist+

Xavor’s Assist+ allows you to leverage innovative features to improve workflow, enhance productivity, and drive growth. Following are some unique benefits of choosing Assist+ for your Agile PLM assistance:

  • Help when and where users need it
  • Save time on training and corrections
  • Maintain data quality to avoid future corrective action
  • More engaging user interface
  • Keep users up to date with changing requirements
  • Assistance tailored to roles and privileges


Assist+ offers help content, applicable warnings, and explanations for Agile fields to enable you to avoid costly errors, improve user experience, and drive product innovation. Because it resides on the Agile Application Server, Web Logic, or OAS, no extra infrastructure is required, and installation only takes 30 minutes.

Xavor Corporation has spent 25 years digitizing organizations and its premium agile PLM add-ons and upgrade services help cut unnecessary expenses and puts organizations on their way to success. Try Assist+ for yourself today to unlock speed and agility within your organization by getting in touch with our PLM experts!

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