Extend the Useful Life of Agile PLM: Part II (Add-ons)

This blog continues the series that discusses how Agile PLM’s life allows customers to address their rapidly evolving business needs and unlock greater value with the right upgrades without moving to the Cloud.

Drive Smarter Innovation Through a Dynamic Set of Add-Ons

If you have been following this series, I have identified several reasons why you need to up your PLM game. Traditional PLM systems are not powerful enough to meet rapidly evolving customer expectations. Therefore, manufacturers now need to speed up innovation to ensure higher customer satisfaction.

There are multiple ways in which Agile PLM customers can rethink and enhance this software’s functionality instead of opting for Cloud PLM. You can learn about the standout benefits of the newest version 9.3.6 in my first blog.

This blog discusses how innovative Agile PLM add-ons contribute to improved workflow management, higher visibility, more customizations, and a better user experience. I will dive into the functionality and benefits of three such add-ons offered by Xavor, which have transformed PLM into a smart, connected platform for hundreds of clients.

These add-ons enable leaders to keep up with the changing industrial regulatory and business requirements, manage supply risks, make better decisions, and drive growth.

Assist +

Challenge of Assist+

Agile PLM users are often overwhelmed by new functionality and updates to data fields. Because of these unfamiliar attributes and processes and lack of guidance, even experienced users sometimes make mistakes during data entry and updates.

Solution for Assist+

Xavor’s Assist+ is a unique navigation solution to combat these challenges. It guides users at the field level during both object creation and updates to prevent any future corrective action. Assist+ also provides mouse-over hover (help) text for Agile objects, which include parts, documents, and all types of changes for content messages for important objects and edits.

It also notifies users of changing compliance and regulatory requirements and displays warnings, directions, or alerts. Therefore, the correct data is captured initially, eliminating further rework of approval cycles. It also safeguards the quality of data in the Agile PLM system.

Key Features of Assist+

  • Works seamlessly with the Agile PLM environment without any process extension
  • Has a web-based admin console for configuring help text
  • Supports all major browsers such as IE (8,9 and 10), Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • Works with all cover page, page 2, and page 3 fields
  • Compatible with Agile 9.3.X
  • Requires no extra infrastructure besides the Agile application server
  • Installs in under 30 minutes.

UI Wizard

Challenge of UI Wizard

Agile PLM users face immense difficulty in creating records. Each record contains hundreds of fields that can vary based on the business unit, product line, or other factors.

Solution for UI Wizard

Xavor’s UI Speed-Ups for Agile PLM simplify record creation and management by guiding users through a set of relevant questions and automating the creation of records. UI Wizard also empowers users to navigate through the complexities by reducing the time it takes to define templates. It also does so by providing a tab to autofill attributes.

Key Features of UI Wizard

  • Captures required data for creating any record in Agile PLM
  • Guides the data flow for the creation of multiple records
  • Includes validation rules for acceptable input values
  • Determines the appropriate list of values for each data attribute
  • Can be used with Augment quality, change, and investigation processes
  • Minimizes the need for training.

Automation Engine

Challenge of Automation Engine

Creating custom actions in Agile PLM requires users to write long codes. These customizations have to be written using the Groovy script or Agile SDK and can be quite time-consuming and difficult for users.

Solution for Automation Engine

Xavor’s Automation Engine solution allows admins to create custom actions without writing a single line of code. This solution is also super PX, configurable, and flexible. Customers can also set up the Auto Description Generator based on 5, 10, or 15 other attributes and use those to fill in the auto description.

Key Features of Automation Engine

  • Point and click function to create custom scripts
  • No need for Groovy scripting
  • Slick and configurable Admin portal
  • Training time of around 60 minutes


The demand to develop Agile PLM tools and processes for effective data management and collaboration is on the rise. The above-mentioned agile PLM add-ons empower manufacturers to lead with a flexible user experience, product innovation, and smarter decisions.

Xavor Corporation has spent 25 years digitizing organizations and enabling them to perform at their best potential. Xavor premium Agile PLM add-ons and extensions also help cut unnecessary expenses and put businesses on their way to success. Reach out to us if you are looking to unlock speed and agility while ensuring the highest product quality.

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