Extend the Useful Life of Agile PLM – Part I (Upgrading)

This blog is the first one in the series to discuss how Agile PLM customers can address their rapidly evolving business needs and unlock greater value with the right upgrades without moving to the Cloud.

With constantly evolving business needs, Agile PLM also requires upgrades to bring the best out of it. From enhancing user experience and improving product collaboration to streamlining engineering processes and increasing time to market, advanced PLM features help cut unnecessary expenses and put businesses on their way to success.

However, the big question that businesses struggle with is how they can make the most of this software without facing any downtime or security breaches. There are two ways to enhance the functionality of your Agile PLM; migrating to the Cloud or installing upgrades/ add-ons.

However, moving to the Cloud can be arduous, slow, and risky. It requires businesses to plan ahead, hire the right team, and set the timeline and steps to ensure success. Moreover, ineffective migration also puts businesses at risk of security breaches, prolonged downtime, limited availability, and decreased revenue.

Upgrading and Installing Add-Ons/ Extensions

Upgrading and choosing the right add-ons/ extensions is a superior option to improve your software’s functionality. This process offers enhanced user and admin experience, more customizations and process visibility, and improved product collaboration.

Similarly, the right add-ons and extensions empower you to address your specific business needs. These also speed up time to market by enhancing user experience and streamlining workflows.

Part one of this series will discuss why upgrading your PLM is a smart choice to improve productivity and achieve higher customer satisfaction rates.

Continued Oracle Support

Oracle support is highly beneficial for agile PLM customers, as it fixes bugs and sorts out system incompatibilities. However, to encourage businesses to upgrade to the latest version 9.3.6, Oracle is no longer offering support to its customers using previous versions of PLM solutions. So, even if you migrate your PLM to the Cloud, it won’t receive support unless it is upgraded to the latest version.

The support offered by Oracle is also quite important for improving overall software quality. So, businesses should upgrade to 9.3.6 to take advantage of the new version’s capabilities with premium support.

Accelerated Product Development

During its life cycle, a product must undergo multiple stages of design, engineering, compliance, and approval. Improved coordination is key to running smooth operations and meeting deadlines. The latest version offers better product collaboration by enabling the adoption of multiple owner use cases.

Every owner with resource pool access easily manages it and collaborates with various teams. This accelerates product development and reduces time to market.

Improved User and Admin Experience

Upgrading to Agile PLM 9.3.6 minimizes processing errors, offers more control, automates time-consuming activities such as product counts, and turns the user experience into a seamless one. The enhanced user and admin experience boosts overall productivity and leads to higher customer satisfaction rates. Version 9.3.6 offers improvements in these areas:

  • Edit icon for a saved search
  • Routed date in workflow routings tab
  • New numeric formats
  • Reviewer signoff conflict
  • The subscription on multiple file actions
  • Attachment history generation during export
  • Control over PX visibility
  • HTML configuration file for PX cleansing

Hassle-Free Upgrade Process

Another reason why you should prefer upgrade over migration is that the former is relatively fast and smooth. By choosing the right upgrade service provider, you can start benefitting from the latest features within six months.

Xavor has perfected a timeline over its decade-long experience in digitizing organizations and has scaled the entire upgrade process between two to six months. Xavor premium upgrade teams manage the upgrade process expertly by providing the following services:

  • Load/performance testing to avoid post-upgrade performance degradation
  • Ensuring across-the-board upgrades for all of your existing customizations
  • Decompiling source code to verify that the correct version gets moved, in case of a lost source code
  • Upgrading your existing Hosting or Managed Services contract at no additional cost
  • Providing delta training to fast-track learning period.

Businesses worldwide are making the key decision to upgrade to version 9.3.6 to extend their PLM’s useful life, benefit from the new features, and receive continued support from Oracle. Reach out to us if you are looking for a time-targeted and quality upgrade experience.

My next blogs will list a suite of PLM add-ons and extensions that can empower businesses to drive the maximum benefit out of this software and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

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