Accelerate Employee Training through LMS Integration

To drive product innovation and maintain competitive advantage, organizations need to integrate a diverse set of enterprise systems with their Agile PLM. These integrations ensure smooth data flow across the organization and enable manufacturers to reduce time to market. One enterprise system that improves employee productivity is LMS (Learning Management System) integration. LMS integration offers valuable and relevant training to empower employees and enhance their productivity with focused training and learning modules.

Reasons Why Employee Training is Important for Organizations

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Manufacturers need to train employees to get approval from regulatory authorities. Non-compliance can result in operational delays and even hefty fines. Therefore, organizations need a reliable system to ensure seamless employee training and management of training records.

Building a Necessary Skill Set

Without training, a normal operation can require a lot of time. It can also increase the chances of errors, incur additional costs, and cause product delays. Timely employee training ensures a smooth flow of operations and frees up valuable time to drive product innovation.

Benefits of Integration with Agile PLM

Integrating your LMS with PLM can speed up operations and improve collaboration across the organization in these ways:

Capturing Training Plans and History

Employee training has several prerequisites and is a fairly lengthy procedure. Therefore, managers need to sort training plans for individual employees. They can do so by defining training profiles that align with job descriptions or roles of the employees.

Once the managers have created the training profiles, they can then assign them to individual employees. They can then track the training progress against these profiles and send updates. By integrating LMS with Agile PLM, managers can easily define these profiles in PLM.

They also don’t have to worry about maintaining training data uniformity across systems.

Capturing Training Requirements in Real Time

Whenever a new training document is ready to be released, the system should enforce the training of all related employees according to new document before its release. Once all employees are trained, then the system can release a new document and make it accessible for everyone.

Document change management processes in Agile PLM solution should be enhanced to ensure that necessary training has been identified and executed before a new document is released. This is achieved by integrating Agile PLM with LMS so it can enhance workflows to capture training before the document is released.

Integrating Through xEngine

Agile PLM integration with LMS is key to improving collaboration, upholding product quality, reducing errors, and meeting customer expectations.

Integrations require a lot of rework, cross-domain communication, and employee support. The inability to migrate the required information rapidly results in premature activation of core processes, leading to dysfunction and delays. A system particularly designed to manage these integrations is the solution. Xavor’s integration solution, xEngine, provides quick, efficient, and seamless end-to-end integration.

With its wide range of adapters, it supports dynamic mappings and data transformations based on complex business rules. Users can also customize it according to their specific needs so that they can effectively integrate their LMS and ensure timely and productive employee training.


Many companies have implemented an LMS system with very rich functionality to define, execute, manage, and report on training. However, users usually manage such documents in an Agile PLM system. This necessitates syncing with new or updated documents in Agile with LMS integration as soon as they are ready for training.

Xavor offers a suite of solutions, including ETR and xEngine, within the Agile PLM space to streamline employee training processes. These innovative solutions address your specific business needs by allowing you to choose from multiple adapters and ensuring rapid, smooth, and secure integration.

Xavor Corporation has spent 25 years digitizing organizations and enabling them to perform at their best potential. Over our decade-long experience in providing PLM services, Xavor has worked with diverse clients such as healthcare manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, the automotive industry, and a total of 11 different industries, giving us the expertise to deliver excellent PLM services. Reach out to us if you are looking to unlock speed and agility while ensuring the highest product quality.

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