UI Wizard: Automate and Speed Up Your Agile Record Creation

Agile PLM users face immense difficulty in creating records. This is because, each record can contain hundreds of fields that can vary based on business unit, product line, or other factors. Writing custom codes requires users to have an expert developer and coding skills. Also, there are frequent upgrade and performance issues, maintenance costs, and recurring downtime while record creation. These issues can disturb the workflow and drive down productivity and growth. These challenges and the need for more productivity motivated Xavor to develop a solution, ‘UI Wizard,’ that allows users to simplify the record creation and customization process.

Users also don’t have to write a single line of code during record creation.

What Is UI Wizard?

Xavor’s UI Wizard for Agile PLM simplifies record creation and management for users by guiding them through a set of relevant questions and automating the creation of records. It also empowers users to navigate through the complexities by reducing time to define templates and providing a tab to autofill attributes.

Customizations require only a couple of days and no additional developer skills. So, this unique record creation and customization tool significantly reduces your upgrade and maintenance costs.

Key Features

The deployment of Xavor’s UI Wizard for Agile PLM only takes a couple of hours. Along with a single day of admin training, it also supports all browsers. The best part about this tool is that it also works with all 9.3 versions, product support, and upgrades. Its key features include:

  • Captures required data for creating any record in Agile PLM
  • Guides the data flow for creation of multiple records
  • Includes validation rules for acceptable input values
  • Determines the appropriate list of values for each data attribute
  • Minimizes the need for training

Key Benefits

Agile PLM users can significantly improve record creation with Xavor’s UI Wizard. This tool’s powerful features also empower Agile users in these ways:


Agile PLM users have a large volume of items to create or modify. It simplifies these operations by leading users through the complexities and enabling pre-definition of templates. It also enables them to auto-fill attributes based on selections.


Avoiding errors while creating records is an arduous task for Agile users. UI Wizard enables users to minimize errors by validating data in real time. It also halts the next step until the correct data is entered.


Data management is another issue that Agile users frequently face during record creation. It resolves this issue by guiding the data flow for creation of multiple records. Users can also determine the appropriate list of values for each data attribute.

Ease of Use

Manual record creation requires rigorous training and can be quite time-consuming. UI Wizard minimizes the need for training by providing hover-over context sensitive help. It then aids users in record management where Agile is not intuitive.

Sample Applications With UI Wizard Technology

Xavor helped its clients built the following applications through the UI Wizard:

Part Creation UI Wizard

It simplifies the part creation process. The admin client also helps the business user to configure:

  • User Interface (Screens)
  • Add Part Fields already configured in Agile PLM
  • Include dependencies/rules between the fields

The mass upload, part sharing, templates and change creation part are also provided as out-of-box features.

Change Creation UI Wizard

It simplifies the change creation process. The admin client helps business users to configure:

  • User Interface (Screens)
  • Add Change Fields already configured in Agile PLM system.
  • Include dependencies/rules between the fields
  • Add Affected Item information

The ECO Dashboard for approving all kinds of changes is also provided out-of-the-box.

BOM UI Wizard

It simplifies the bill of material creation process. The Wizard helps the business users create complex multilevel bills of materials. The components can also be edited using drag and drop features. Users can also configure bill of material rules and default fields using the admin client.

UDI Creation UI Wizard

Configurations are added according to the FDA standards and contain all screens and attributes required by the FDA.

Extended Utility

Xavor’s UI Wizard can also be used with the following Agile PLM objects to enhance functionality:

  • Augment Quality processes.
  • Expand Change Processes.
  • Augment Investigation Processes.
  • External Collaborations.


Xavor’s UI Wizard allows you to create your own customizations without writing a single line of code. Users can also install and start benefitting from it rapidly without any time consuming and difficult training. It also empowers users avoid costly errors, enhance overall experience, and drive product innovation.

Xavor Corporation has spent 25 years digitizing organizations and its premium add-ons and upgrade services help cut unnecessary expenses and puts organizations on their way to success. Try UI Wizard for yourself today and unlock speed and agility within your organization by getting in touch with our PLM experts!

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