Streamline Workflow Through PLM-ERP Integration

With rapidly evolving customer expectations, managing the product lifecycle is getting more complicated. This complexity demands improved collaboration and better workflow to transform your Agile PLM into a more adaptable and responsive one. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) includes all the important organizational processes, including human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, and accounts. ERP systems are crucial to managing different aspects of the product’s lifecycle after its design. PLM-ERP integration reduces risk of error, improves user experience, and speeds up time to market.

Why is PLM-ERP Integration Important?

PLM and ERP teams manage different sets of operations. The PLM team is focused on the design, document creation, and approval parts of the product lifecycle. Once the design is ready, the PLM team pushes it to ERP, which handles the manufacturing part of the life cycle.

Whenever an ERP system field is updated, that update needs to be sent back to PLM. Similarly, when an issue is resolved by the PLM teams, that information gets pushed to the ERP. From ensuring the smooth flow of information and maintaining data coherence to improving overall supply chain automation and enhancing security, ERP-PLM integration is key to organizational success.

Key Benefits of PLM-ERP Integration

Improved Efficiency

PLM-ERP integration allows different teams to access and collaborate on relevant data in a timely manner.

It also allows them to modify and update the fields in real-time, enhancing productivity. Because of this automation, teams don’t have to worry about repetitive and boring tasks and can focus on more productive operations.

Reduced Costs

The seamless flow of data between the two systems minimizes the chances of errors. As a result, manufacturers don’t have to invest their time, money, and energy in rework cycles. Similarly, better visibility across the infrastructure allows organizations to highlight areas where costs can be minimized.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Automation and smooth data flow reduce the time needed for product development and marketing. This ensures that users can effectively meet deadlines and customer expectations.

How Should You Integrate ERP with PLM?

Integrations require extensive rework, cross-domain communication, and employee support. The inability to migrate the required information rapidly results in premature activation of core processes, leading to dysfunction and delays. The solution is a system particularly designed to manage these integrations.

Seamless integration helps avoid technical hiccups and rework cycles. The right adapters make it easy for Agile PLM to be integrated with ERP systems to ensure bi-directional data for all moving parts of manufacturing and distribution.

Xavor’s integration solution, xEngine, provides quick, efficient, and seamless end-to-end integration. With its wide range of adapters, it supports dynamic mappings and data transformations based on complex business rules. In addition, users can customize it according to their specific needs so that they can effectively integrate their ERP and ensure better workflow.

Benefits of Integration Through xEngine

Automated software integration through xEngine largely benefits an organization by offering the following advantages:

  • Reduced need for maintenance
  • Better allocation of labor on more strategic tasks
  • Improved customer service because of a single, connected access point
  • Streamlined workflows across the organizational infrastructure
  • Faster updates across all systems
  • Reduced risk of errors through automation
  • Enhanced scalability through the elimination of bottlenecks


The Agile PLM-ERP integration enables you to eliminate clunky, insecure, and unreliable data movement across the organization. It also empowers you to automate the supply chain, make better product portfolio decisions, collaborate effectively with teams and partners, and meet regulatory compliance.

Xavor offers a suite of solutions, xEngine, within the Agile PLM space to streamline ERP operations. These innovative solutions address your specific business needs by allowing you to choose from multiple adapters and ensuring rapid, smooth, and secure integration.

Xavor Corporation has spent 25 years digitizing organizations and enabling them to perform at their best potential. Over our decade-long experience in providing PLM services, Xavor has worked with diverse clients such as healthcare manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, the automotive industry, and a total of 11 different industries, giving us the expertise to deliver excellent PLM services. Reach out to us if you are looking to unlock speed and agility while ensuring the highest product quality.

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