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Executive Summary

The largest music retailer chain in the United States underwent a period of massive growth, leading it to require a modern system to manage its network of 200+ branches carefully. The company chose SharePoint as the software of choice to act as its intranet and connect all outlets to a central document management system that the head office could oversee.

The music store chain reached out to Xavor to design a branded interface for them and helpdesk services for troubleshooting and convenient support. They also required all of their previous records to be added to the intranet.

Xavor delivered the newly designed SharePoint Intranet, complete migration of all relevant documents, and additional features such as helpdesk and advanced search in three years. The delivery of a smooth-running intranet concluded the company’s move on to the SharePoint platform. The shift to SharePoint prepared them for the challenges faced by modern businesses, while training and easy navigation provided by Xavor made them self-reliant.


A leading music retailer in the United States experienced an expansion due to rising demand in the country and globally due to its impressive brand value and strong customer retention. This leading music retailer chain needed a central software to create a network that connected different retail branches and its online store with the head office.

The renowned music store settled upon SharePoint, a dependable software with a strong history, for the purpose of internal communication and creating an online infrastructure to connect the growing network of music shops. However, the company was not very familiar with the digital world. It required assistance to not only set up SharePoint as per their needs but also adapt it for the specific use that the music retailer chain intended. To address this need for expert development services, the company chose Xavor.

The Challenge

SharePoint is a colossal enterprise collaboration tool, and every now and then, end-users face a lot of issues with which they need help. Our client needed support services to set up their internal hierarchy, branch network, and helpdesk service on their SharePoint Intranet.

Their requirements ranged from branding their SharePoint intranet with the unique and lively identity that the music retailer had curated carefully over several decades to creating dedicated sites for each branch across the United States and other teams for ease of management.

The primary purpose of bringing their internal working to SharePoint was to safeguard all work documents and collaborate on them in a secure environment where record-keeping would also be easily manageable.

The music retailer giant tasked Xavor with importing all previous digital and analog records onto the SharePoint intranet and creating a secure document management system that employees could access and add new files. Along with this, the client required a helpdesk service that would help new employees in familiarizing with the company’s intranet and guide current employees in any navigational or troubleshooting help they needed. Finally, the company also expected their SharePoint to be connected seamlessly to other Microsoft services such as Outlook, Power BI, and additional tools that were in their use.

The Solution

The first part of the process was installing a SharePoint server which Xavor handled for the client by opting for a cloud server. An on-prem server for multiple locations was too costly, and an online server was more in line with the company’s vision of creating a centralized network of communication and collaboration.

The migration process and site development took three years to complete. During this tenure, Xavor handled the import of all previous documents and then sorted them with the client’s help. The branch network of the music retailer exceeded 200 at the time, and each branch required its own site to manage everyday tasks and keep meticulous records.

Xavor aimed to create a SharePoint intranet that employees the client’s administrators could manage effectively without relying on Xavor’s experts too often. For this reason, Xavor implemented a flat infrastructure for the SharePoint Intranet. Xavor’s team of SharePoint developers also engaged the client’s core team involved in this project in SharePoint training to familiarize them with the ins and outs of the software.

After the training, setting up the help desk, and creating an advanced search function within SharePoint, the leading music retailer chain was ready to operate SharePoint independently.


The extensive process of designing a unique Sharepoint Intranet and adding additional tools such as helpdesk and advanced search enabled the client to keep on its growth trajectory and manage records efficiently and securely. Xavor delivered the following benefits to the leading music retailer chain:


This experience of adapting the company’s intranet to SharePoint was rewarding as it helped them transition into becoming a modern business. With a solid intranet to connect the extensive retail chain, they improved their service quality as a result of seamless communication and transparent documentation.

Xavor Corporation has provided consolidated SharePoint services at the highest level for ten years to industry leaders and Fortune 500 Companies. Xavor’s expertise extends to other Microsoft Products, as it has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for 25 years. If you are looking to migrate your business to SharePoint or require custom services for your SharePoint intranet, feel free to reach out to us today.

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