Xavor and Ntegra Co-Launch Efficient System Integration Tooling

Xavor and Ntegra are partnering to offer a full suite of efficient system integration services to mitigate risks, optimize costs, and reduce time to delivery to enable seamless data movement.  

Irvine, CA, August 11, 2020 – Xavor Corporation, a California based software company, and Ntegra, a technology consultancy based in the UK, have co-launched a range of integration services offerings. The partnership allows us combines Xavor’s industry-leading IT services with Ntegra’s world-class strategy-led technology consultancy. This new partnership aims to provide a competitive advantage to businesses by ensuring seamless data movement across the board.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in all facets of business, the integration of diverse enterprise systems has become a must-have essential. For business processes to leverage high-value data that exists in other systems and to ensure competitive advantage efficiency and agility uninterrupted flow of data throughout an organization is imperative. The Xavor-Ntegra partnership brings together a long history of business and technology strategy, product ideation and innovation, technology development, and deployment of supporting enterprises through successful transformations. 

The custom integration solution helps enterprises in seamless data flow from one program to another. Powered by a model that prompts smooth data movement, the solution also enables the existing data to flow between different software by supplying different interfaces for managing various data flow.

The Xavor and Ntegra partnership offer agnostic services for application efficient system integration across the most modern, advanced, and sophisticated software platforms, including xEngine, Tibco Scribe, Biztalk, and Azure Logic Apps. The custom integration solution provides services like the integration of master data, transactional data, and business data across multiple systems, including PLM, ERP, CAD, LMS, and many more. 

Speaking of the thriving partnership with Ntegra, Hussain Bhatti, VP Xavor, said, “The Xavor-Ntegra partnership is a powerful combination and aligns with our core strategy on many fronts. The integration campaign provides our clients with more efficient tools to ensure seamless data movement across enterprises.”

“At Ntegra, we focus on enabling clients to maximize the value of their IT and processes, leaving them with enhanced capability. We are pleased to partner with Xavor to provide businesses with custom integration to ensure a continuous flow of data” said, Ntegra Client Account Director, Ben Gosset.

About Xavor

Xavor is a California-based IT services provider with deep expertise in delivering custom software solutions through mature and emerging tech stacks. Find out more about Xavor and its services at

About Ntegra

Ntegra is a technology consultancy based in the UK that specializes in complex project and program delivery. They provide the capability required to deliver projects from their inception through to launch. Find out more about Ntegra and their services at

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