MeSpoke Selects Xavor Corporation as its Product Development Partner

Xavor partners with mespoke, on their journey, to create Web 3.0

Irvine, CA, August 19, 2020 – Xavor Corporation, a California based software company, has teamed up with mespoke, a Washington D.C. based social engagement platform, to be their official product development partner. The partnership combines Xavor’s exemplary three-decade technological expertise and leadership with mespoke’s proprietary technology.

Through artificial intelligence, the mespoke app automatically recognizes clothing and fashion accessories in an uploaded picture, making the users’ brand-tagging process easy.

While we can’t deny the inevitability of digital transformation, disruptive technologies, and modern software solutions, businesses require a periodic upgrade of technology to blend in the new normal of the digital world seamlessly. The partnership between the two enterprises not only allows innovation, process reengineering, and development but promises a whole new level of adaptability, product diversification, and increased market share for mespoke significantly.

“mespoke prides itself on making available a platform that puts users first and allows them to reap the benefit of their own created content. The partnership with Xavor Corporation ensures the user-centric fabric of mespoke while enabling us to grow further with better technological expertise on board”, said S. Khurrum Hasan about the partnership.   

The product development partner of a new mobile application that offers augmented features to fashion mongers around the world using Xavor’s efficient technological solutions is based on the model to capture a more substantial customer footprint. The amalgamation of a digital blueprint with the shoppable eCommerce pattern centers around user-friendly features, improved user experience (UI), and a glitch-free system.

To maneuver the change and increase customer support in this regard, an interactive CRM system is also in the making, which tracks consumer analytics. The growth trajectory to secure investment funding, capital gains, and cash inflow would be better reported and comprehended through the system.

Talking about the partnership, VP New Ventures of Xavor, Hussain Bhatti said, “I am thrilled to have mespoke as our newest customer in North America. This partnership will reinforce our core offerings and will further define our footprint in social engagement platforms”.

The partnership aims to serve as a step towards promising growth, increased customer base, and market share along with higher brand loyalty.

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mespoke relies on AI Smart Logic, Not Follower Counts to create 1-click user generated shopping journeys powered by AI and Brand Loyalty. Find more info at:

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