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Engaging decision-makers is the new battleground for healthcare tech and life sciences marketers. With new point solutions emerging in the market rapidly, health-tech executives and directors are inundated with emails, phone calls, and ads that disrupt their day. Sharing information with decision-makers that they appreciate and value is a strategic imperative for life sciences marketers in order to increase engagement, build trust, and stand out. 80% of B2B decision-makers prefer to get their information through articles – Roper Public Affairs

New data on decision-makers behavior has provided marketers with a windfall of data on developing a better understanding of their needs, offering an opportunity to create and share content to win new customers and ensure the loyalty of existing ones. 

However, creating effective content is only half the solution. 73% of marketers report they don’t have the technology in place to strategically manage content across the enterprise (Content Management Institute, 2020). Gaining control over enterprise content management and strategic distribution allows life sciences marketers to put customers at the center of their content strategy, and produce content that converts.

Enabling marketers to meet the challenges of a dynamic life sciences industry is Xavor’s pedigree. Over the past 25 years, we’ve worked closely with some of the leading players in life sciences to realize their needs and develop bespoke services tailored to the industry. Our experience in enabling life sciences marketers to excel and drive growth with the right technology is our key differentiator. 

Here are our findings, which will help you evaluate your existing content management system, focus your investment, and refine your content strategy. 

This eBook covers five must-have features that will help life science enterprise marketers assess their content management systems or stack up with the technology they need.

Essentials of Full-Funnel Life Sciences Content Marketing

The contours of full-funnel content marketing will be different for marketers catering to different segments of the industry.

But whether you’re a director launching a new product or repositioning a legacy or a team lead seeking visibility into campaign performances, you’ll want to embrace these common elements to unlock the greatest value from your content marketing efforts.

Ensure Multi-Regional Brand Compliance

For global life sciences marketing teams, scaling content across multi-regional audiences is hard.  Adapting quickly to regional brand requirements and scaling it across all communication channels, including website, campaigns, emails, and social media, is key to building a great customer experience and fostering brand recognition and loyalty at a global scale.  

 Your CMS should:

  • Help you to customize templates to match your brand.
  • Deploy regional brand and regulatory-compliant content across different regions.
  • Include automated translation capabilities for each region.
  • Help you execute brand-compliant marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Ease of Management

A single content management system that enables web solution development, editing, approval, and distribution of all content can unlock maximum value for marketing professionals. It takes away the pain of operational management and allows marketers to focus on creating powerful content experiences. It can also significantly boost employee productivity. 

Your CMS should;

  • Have intuitive and easy-to-use tools.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your customer relationship management and marketing tools.
  • Integrate seamlessly with language translation providers.
  • Minimize the need for any technical support.
  • Allows you to access, share, and store information in a single repository.

Custom Modules Tailored to CMS Life Sciences Marketers

 You need to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry, including the latest research in medical science, and train your employees on mandatory education modules frequently. To keep up with the fast-paced industry requirements, CMS capabilities for life sciences with custom modules could facilitate not just marketing but your organizational needs. 

Some state-of-the-art modules that your headless CMS should include;

  • Integration with public portals such as clinical trials.
  • Education modules for training employees.
  • Search capability of healthcare practitioners’ profiles.

These powerful CMS modules can significantly reduce the time and costs spent researching the Internet and switching between applications and noticeably improve workflow efficiency.

High-Quality Data Security

Data security is crucial for life sciences practitioners. Data theft or loss can easily compromise your hard-earned credibility with your customers, not to mention have serious legal consequences such as fines upwards of $100,000 incurred under GDPR and CCPA violation. While choosing the best CMS solutions, you should always look for the following security features:

  • GDPR compliance Automatic Cloud Backups
  • User-based role access
  • Embedded Security and regulatory protocols 

Compliance with Data Protection Laws

Government and regulatory bodies demand stringent compliance of content with data regulations, compounding marketing’s efforts to develop a regular cadence with clients and prospects. Your CMS should have the capabilities to;

  • Integrate with data privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA.
  • Recommend content for SEO optimization.
  • Reduce technical documentation time so marketers can produce powerful content experiences.


From clinical trial finders to regional brand compliance to custom modules built for specific client needs, Xavor has the expertise and capabilities to cater to life sciences marketers’ evolving needs with a cutting-edge CMS. Unlike traditional ECM systems, Xavor’s next-generation CMS capabilities for life sciences don’t disturb the existing infrastructure or processes. Instead, they integrate systems and content throughout the organization without requiring data migration.

Xavor’s multi-functional and feature-rich CMS enables marketers to execute successful marketing campaigns and build trust with employees, customers, and prospects.

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