The New Face of Digital-First Content Marketing for Life Sciences

Irvine, Calif, May 10, 2021 – Xavor Corporation, a leading-edge life sciences technology company based in Irvine, California, is hosting a CMS webinar ‘Digital-First Content Marketing for Life Sciences.’ It will be held on May 18 and will feature Dr. Christine Perales, Former National Director of Medical Devices at Microsoft and Umair Tariq, Practice Lead CMS at Xavor.

The speakers will talk about the trends shaping life sciences content marketing. It will also discuss how to lead marketing in the new normal with technology, innovate with strategy, and win the trust of customers. 

Life science marketing has experienced a dramatic shift with the move from traditional to digital mediums in the last year. Customers demand customized experiences across every channel at a fast pace. Marketers need to innovate and reimagine how to create valuable experiences for prospective and existing customers across every channel. 

This creates pressure on the marketing teams to deliver high quality, fast-paced, experiences. These also need to be tailored to different audiences with concerted strategic marketing efforts. At the same time, the chasm between budgets and rising expectations is increasing. This is because marketers have to multi-task and engage distracted customers while also handling backend IT infrastructure to meet targets. 

Xavor Corporation has worked closely with leading-edge medical device manufacturers and life sciences companies to realize the needs of marketers. Over the course of 25 years, Xavor has developed bespoke content management services that address the needs of life sciences content marketing.

From multi-regional brand compliance, ensuring high quality data security, compliance with data protection laws such as CCPA and GDPR, to providing custom modules such as clinical trial finders, Xavor provides a suite of intuitive, easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) services to equip marketers with the tools to win. By automating traditional IT tasks for marketers, Xavor ensures that marketers are spending minimal time on back end infrastructure and surpassing expectations by focusing on strategic marketing – within allocated budgets. 

‘The most critical challenges life science marketers face include complying with data security laws, and deploying brand-compliant, quality content. They also need to deploy it fast enough to engage buyers across different regions,’ says Umair Tariq, Practice CMS lead at Xavor.

Xavor addresses those gaps by providing markets with intuitive tools that let them execute content strategies confidently. They no longer need to press pause because of compliance and regulatory issues. We are proud to have developed services that are serving as a critical need of the hour for life sciences markets given recent shifts in the content marketing dynamics.

You will learn about the trends defining life sciences marketing from industry experts. You will also learn how to ground those challenges in reality with practical examples from the webinar. Key takeaways include ramping up ROI, boosting employee productivity, and scaling content distribution globally. 

About Xavor:

Xavor is the partner of choice for leading life sciences and medical device manufacturers. Xavor has 25 years of experience providing customized technology solutions to address the challenges of the life sciences industry. It has also empowered them to create and capture value across the technology and business ecosystems.

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