Enhancing Employee Efficiency through Productivity Monitoring

The Industry 4.0 evolution with AI at its core has redefined machine performance and process execution. One aspect of the manufacturing industry that remains largely unchanged by the digitization drive is the employees. Up until the 21st century, the focus has been on improving technology to facilitate employees and increase productivity. However, the efforts to raise employee efficiency have been minimal and traditional in nature.

Companies lose $1,685 per employee annually due to unproductive workers, (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Report). Therefore, with Industry 4.0 as the next frontier, employees too must be equipped with innovative tools to enhance productivity and improve performance. This goal is highly achievable through AI applications, notably, Computer Vision. 

Here are the applications of Computer Vision to improve employee efficiency.

Detection and Tracking

On a factory floor, if employees aren’t doing where they are supposed to be, things can go very wrong. Computer Vision equips normal CCTV cameras to automatically detect if workers are at their stations and alerts in case an important post is abandoned. Detection enables higher productivity simply by ensuring that employees are present and active at their stations.

Tracking laborers also perform the same function of making certain that employees remain at work, give their full attention to work, and complete the assigned tasks and projects on time. In case an assigned task doesn’t get completed on time, manufacturers can utilize tracking insights to communicate necessary improvement areas to their employees.  

Access Authorization/ Monitoring Access and Location

Workplace accidents and injuries can significantly affect employees’ productivity.

In fact, Lost productivity from injuries and illnesses costs companies $60 billion each year (OSHA).

Manufacturers can minimize instances of accidents/ injuries by detecting unauthorized personnel and monitoring locations.

Each time employees enter unauthorized high-risk territories, Computer Vision based monitoring systems immediately detect them and send alerts so that they stay out of those areas. Similarly, through AI-based monitoring, manufacturers can also determine whether an employee has returned in time after the break or not. If the latter is the case, Computer Vision prompts relevant authorities in time and safeguards the well-being of the workers and the organization.

Screen Supervision

Depending on the nature of the work, measuring productivity can be more complex than just tracking and detecting. The majority of functions in any organization require employees to work on company systems and use computers to perform their tasks.

Computer Vision allows integration with software that allows screen supervision. Collectively, employers are able to collect information on employee performance based on the speed, accuracy, and quality of work that employees produce.

Accurate Evaluation

Employers receive reliable reports of their employees’ performance. These performance summaries serve as a basis for evaluation, allowing employers to make informed decisions to improve worker productivity. Managers are able to identify which aspects employees need to be motivated on and which actions deserve rewards.

Insights generated based on the work supervision also empower employees to reflect and improve on their weaknesses. By involving employees in the performance evaluation process, reinforces the importance of feedback and reaps better results.

According to one survey, when employees were informed that their productivity was being measured, profits increased by 7%. (MIT)

Computer Vision deployment ensures that any bias is removed from employee evaluation as a fair and accurate analysis is conducted. This process of evaluation and honest feedback contributes significantly to employee productivity.


By using Computer Vision, employers are able to raise employee efficiency and drive growth. Computer Vision services open the path for organizations to upgrade not only their machines but also their employees to Industry 4.0 standards. Digitization makes it possible to utilize all company resources at their maximum capacity, especially for the manufacturing sector.

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