Ten Best Microsoft SharePoint Add Ins

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration solution that has gained massive popularity as an intranet. SharePoint is well known for its versatility and flexible tools. The reputation it has garnered should partly be credited to the universe of microsoft sharepoint add ins that extend the functionality of the powerful platform.

In this blog, we’re compiling ten of our favorite sharepoint add ins that you can either purchase or download for free from the Microsoft App Store.

People Finder

Employees need to communicate to collaborate. ‘People Finder’ is an add-in that makes this exercise easier. SharePoint’s own user directory, while functional, is not as user-friendly. This add-in makes it possible to search for employees quickly and pull up detailed information on each individual, including data points like their team, reporting manager, work hours, etc.

The filter function in ‘People Finder’ lets you search by department, job title, or location. The feature is handy when you’re struggling to remember the name of the person you want to connect with.


K2 Five for SharePoint

Workflow design in native SharePoint offers limited options. However, as an intranet, creating workflows within SharePoint is essential to assign tasks and roles to each user.

If you’re looking to design workflows intuitively, K2 Five is the add-in that will serve that purpose. It allows users to create common workflow scenarios within SharePoint using a click and point interface. Users can easily export the workflows designed through K2 Five to other software as well.

The add ins for microsoft sharepoint is compatible with workflow automation feature, making it even more valuable. It also supports a wide range of processes that cater to all types of organizations.


Space Navigator for Office 365

Often, SharePoint sites and projects overload the intranet. This overload causes difficulty in navigation and a loss of productivity. Space Navigator is an add-in that caters to this specific problem.

Space Navigator is a dashboard that centralizes all ongoing projects and live sites and helps you organize according to your personal preference. The Space Navigator works with all Office 365 Apps. It manages your workspace by metadata, enabling the search feature to bring up what you’re looking for quickly.

The workspace is highly customizable in terms of colors, space occupied, and pin feature to keep the most critical tasks front and center.



This brilliant add-in has resolved the issue that will help organizations go completely paperless. Most important documents are now printed out just for the purpose of getting a person’s signatures. This method is still relied upon instead of e-signatures for its obvious authenticity advantage.

However, DocuSign incorporates multiple authentication measures and helps users create profiles to quickly and conveniently sign documents within SharePoint. Employees can also send files to their colleagues and request signatures with DocuSign while on the SharePoint intranet. This makes DocuSign one of the most reliable signature solutions you can add to your organization’s intranet.


Bamboo Calendar

Bamboo Calendar performs a challenging function: combining multiple calendars to view information such as clashes, overlaps, and free slots simultaneously.

Users can access this information on the organization’s homepage so all employees can view the shared calendars at the start of their day or whenever they feel the need. It is another add-in that facilitates the primary purpose of add ins for microsoft SharePoint add ins, i.e., collaboration with ease.


Word to Wiki Online

Wiki sites on the organization’s intranet are a staple. They combine all the information on a particular topic on one site, making it a convenient source for all users.

Contributing to the Wiki site is challenging and time-consuming as data needs to be added manually on the wiki site. The Word to Wiki Online add-in is a sweet solution to end this hassle. The add-in allows users to directly import information they have stored as word files on the wiki site to customize it further.

If your organization manages Wikis or has a habit of keeping directories, this add-in is a must-have.


Word it!

So if you need to do the opposite of the above and export your Wiki sites directly into word files, then you are in luck! There is an add-in that does just that.

“Word It” lets you export a specific page or entire directories from a Wiki site into word format. It can be shared externally or reviewed in hard copy. The add-in also allows users to export other SharePoint data to Word. If your organization frequently shares material outside the organization, this tool might come in handy.


Envoqon Event Timeline

This UI customizing add-in introduces some freshness to your SharePoint dashboard. Envoqon Event Timeline can import data from the organization’s calendar and display it as a dynamic vertical timeline.

The event timeline is a helpful add-in if your organization often announces milestones or achievements as a means of raising spirits and encouraging employees or simply creating a culture of recognition.

The fresh calendar UI also makes it appealing, while implementing the design is relatively easy.


Documents shared with me

Here is a genuinely functional add-in that makes document navigation much easier on your SharePoint. The sheer volume of documents stored on the intranet and created daily can make it difficult to remember your particular files.

‘Documents shared with me’ keeps track of the files you have recently received and also marks the in-progress work. It appears as a sidebar on your SharePoint intranet so that you can access it immediately. By updating your work-in-progress documents, the add-in becomes intuitive, making it a must-have as an organizational tool.



This add-in is a bonus to our list, as it doesn’t help with improving SharePoint’s functionality but allows employees to socialize outside of work.

MeetSweet enables organizing SharePoint meetings but gives the users options for locations outside the organization such as restaurants, cafés, etc. Through MeetSweet, employees within an organization can arrange get-togethers to improve their soft skills and grow relationships, impacting employee morale and performance.

The meetings are also added automatically to users’ calendars and send reminders just like regular meetings. The add-in allows users to manage their social life in addition to their work-life and bring more organization to their routine.



These terrific microsoft sharepoint add ins are sure to improve your intranet experience. They’re easy to deploy and perform specific functions that organizations often need. Most of the above-stated add-ons offer a boost in productivity and make your organization future-proof, which is why it is excellent to invest in them now.

If these add-ins are not cutting it for you and your organization needs customized enhancements for their SharePoint infrastructure, contact Xavor for custom development solutions. Xavor is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner in the field of Collaboration and Communication with over ten years of experience in providing top-tier SharePoint services.

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