Product Spotlight – Using Assist With Agile PLM

As a prelude to our December 11th webinar, here is a brief overview of the benefits of using Assist+. Agile plm users are often overwhelmed by new functionality and updates to data fields while experienced users sometimes risk going down the wrong path during data entry and updates.

Let us define Assist+ for those of you who are not too familiar with it. Xavor’s Assist+ guides users at the field level during both object creation and updates to prevent any future corrective action. The target audience includes: Agile Admins, Agile PLM users, Doc Control, Configuration Managers and Quality Engineers. Assist+ provides a mouse-over hover (help) text for Agile objects which include parts, documents and all types of changes for content messages for important objects and edits.  Moreover, Assist+ notifies users of changing compliance and regulatory requirements as well as displays warnings, directions or alerts. The correct data is captured initially, which eliminates further re-do’s of approval cycles and safeguards the quality of data in the Agile PLM system.  Finally, Assist+ prevents any future corrective action as well as notifies users of changing compliance and regulatory requirements.

In conclusion, Assist+ offers help content, applicable warnings and explanations against Agile fields to avoid costly errors and improve user experience. Accuracy is increased when the user is provided with assistance where and when they need it, without the need to switch other applications for guidance or track others for help. The best part, installation only takes 30 minutes! Because Assist+ resides on the Agile Application Server, Web Logic or OAS, no extra infrastructure is required. For a limited time only, we are offering Assist+ for $17,500 (originally $35,000). This special offer ends March 31st 2014, so act quickly! Contact us to get started! Email: [email protected].

*Requires an annual maintenance and support agreement, at $4700/yr. This offer is available through March 31, 2014 and requires a signed PO or Letter of Intent.

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