New Product Introduction Through Automation

These days, people expect everything in the blink of an eye. Latte? Coming right up. Spilled on that suit right before the big meeting? No problem, the cleaners will have it cleaned and pressed within 2 hours of drop-off time. Boss emails you at 11:30 PM? A response is expected within 20 minutes or you’re fired! (Not really but you get the bigger picture). In a world bursting with automation, smartphones, iPads, and the latest tech gadgets, we’re accustomed to producing faster, expediting proficiently, and generating at higher volumes.

Agile PLM system teams receive more and more projects monthly but are limited on time to perform their functions. Time constraints cause problems in creating projects utilizing appropriate tasks, gates, resources, timelines, etc. In addition, Configuration & Change Management take time and require consistency. Users fall behind when a continuously backward referral is necessary. Productivity is affected when data entry requirements are not easily accessed.

This is the time to introduce automation, first as a way to help relieve the time required for standard or repetitive activities, and second, as a way to verify the tasks the team is spending time on are error-free. Many customers are realizing significant improvements to their business processes through automation.  Learn more about the variety and complexity of automation solutions for Agile PLM at the Oracle Value Chain Summit. Presented by Tom Nelson, Principal-Product & Program Management at Xavor, this session will explore “New Product Introduction through Automation” on Tuesday, February 4th at 4:05 PM.

Session Questions

  • How can various customizations make project and document management faster and simpler for users?
  • What are the types of customizations and how to choose the most appropriate one for the problem to be solved?
  • Where can companies look to find the best experience in helping them develop these customizations at a reasonable cost with measurable ROI?

The session will also highlight a customer case study that used automation to better leverage Product Portfolio Management and Product Collaboration functionality to accelerate New Product Introductions. Sample automation that will be discussed includes Project Setup, Activity Reporting, Deliverable Submissions, and Gate Reviews.

Agile PLM Users: if time, efficiency, and user experience top the list of your priorities, plan on visiting us in San Jose!

Visit Xavor at Booth #109 and don’t miss Tom Nelson’s presentation:

“Accelerating New Product Introduction through Automation”

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