Creating Business Value Through Content Scaling with CMS Platforms

The health-tech landscape has transformed massively in the past few decades. The speed of data generation has far exceeded the cost and speed of data management without CMS platforms.

According to Statista,

The amount of data generated in the healthcare industry alone in 2020 was expected to reach 2,314 exabytes.

This situation poses unique challenges for the health-tech and life sciences industries. Because of the information overload, health-tech marketers struggle with creating and managing client-specific content while conforming to the rapidly evolving regulatory requirements at the same time.

Moreover, regional brand compliance is another big challenge that directly determines the level of engagement with the customers. According to Pharma Exec,

75% of life sciences organizations that were surveyed believed that they manage to produce huge amounts of content but only 13% thought that they also managed it well.

How Can These Challenges Be Thwarted?

These challenges can create big hurdles in the path of customer satisfaction and good ROI generation. So, to ensure that the marketing efforts maximize the ROI, health-tech industries need to stay on top of content management and brand compliance. An intuitive and efficient management system that can automate the workflows and develop custom modules could be the right answer.

Xavor’s Innovative CMS solutions:

Xavor aims to facilitate the health-tech and life sciences industry through its cutting-edge CMS solutions. Not only do these bespoke CMS solutions help in tackling these challenges but also reduce operational costs and time through their advanced engagement metrics.

Some of the key benefits of Xavor’s CMS solutions include:

Efficient and Dynamic Marketing:

The enhanced CMS system capabilities enable the health-tech marketers to generate quality content easily. User behavior-oriented data collected through CMS platforms that can help in delivering content that works for the customers’ specific needs. Because users create highly targeted and relevant content, they can re-use it easily.

Also, marketers can distribute the marketing collateral quickly hence reducing the content management load by two-thirds.

Enhanced Productivity and Reduced Costs:

The traditional one-size-fits-all solutions cannot keep up with the rapidly evolving client needs. Xavor offers custom CMS that caters to each heath-tech marketer’s unique requirements. Because of its user-friendly aspects and orchestrated workflows, employee productivity can increase by 30%.  Also, the organized workflows can assist in improving the processes across the product lifecycle.

Effective Regulatory Compliance:

Compliance is another big issue that affects the content quality and its engagement with the users. Xavor’s intuitive CMS solutions ensure content’s effectual compliance with the audit trials and regulations set by the health authorities. Also, the marketing messages remain on-brand after going through several alterations by multiple departments.

Multi-Regional Content Distribution:

The bigger challenge than content creation is its global distribution. Health-tech marketers have to comply with the regulations required by the health and regional authorities. Xavor’s CMS solutions help you seamlessly exercise regional brand compliance.

Besides that, the best CMS users can enable multi-regional distribution of content through automated translation. This can significantly reduce global operational costs for health-tech industries.

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