Cloud Applications For Enterprises

There is great hype and fanfare around Cloud based technologies these days. It is often claimed to have the potential to dramatically improve how business is done (by both SMBs and Enterprises). Let’s quickly cut through the ‘marketing fluff’ and get to the bottom-line of how Cloud applications technology can help make your organization more efficient and reduce costs.

How is Cloud Technology better?

Cloud based services come in various flavors from a host of different vendors (such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Oracle and Rackspace). These may be broadly categorized as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a service (SaaS). Organizations often mix and match appropriate cloud services from different vendors and quickly ‘glue together’ solutions. Most organizations see immediate and tangible improvement in their productivity and reduction in their IT costs. Common advantages of moving business application systems to the cloud include:

1. Turbo-charge your business growth
Cloud based software is flexible and scalable and a perfect match of any business planning to support the significant growth of their business operations.

2. Productivity gains and reduced IT costs
Reduce the time and money spent in recruiting IT personnel, their training and ongoing operational costs by essentially offloading these roles to the Cloud.

3. Groundwork for Innovation
Modern businesses need to constantly innovate and evolve. Cloud based software empowers modern workers and creates fertile ground for innovation by making it simpler and easier to access, share and collaborate on information.

4. Great user experiences
Unlike legacy enterprise software, modern cloud based systems make use of user friendly technologies such as web browsers and mobile platforms to deliver great user experiences. This allows modern workers to be nimble and efficient.

5. Data security and privacy
Contrary to common misconceptions, the Cloud provides superior data security, protection and privacy:

  • State of the art protection from data corruption
  • Data storage redundancy
  • Simpler disaster recovery scenarios
  • Security best practices e.g. authentication, authorization, encryption etc.

6. ‘Elastic’ Data storage
Cloud storage is flexible and can be customized to the needs of the business. It is significantly easier to implement and costs less than on-premise hardware & software procurement, deployment and operations.

The path to the Cloud applications for your business…

Xavor Corporation can help you leverage the power of the Microsoft (Azure) Cloud, Amazon Cloud and the Oracle (PLM) Cloud applications to make your enterprise applications globally available, scalable and cost effective. This includes the following :

  • Migration to the cloud
  • Modernize/extend legacy apps via cloud
  • Cloud based mobile workflows
  • On-premises infrastructure extension via cloud
  • Private/Hybrid Cloud scenarios
  • Integration with heterogeneous legacy systems via Cloud

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