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5 Ways Computer Vision Can Help Manufacturers Keep the Factory Floor Secure

Manufacturers are under immense pressure to recruit skilled workers, enhance supply chain performance, incorporate new technologies, and improve ROI . To ensure the fulfilment of these objectives, manufacturers first have to establish a safe workplace and minimize workers’ health related costs using computer vision.  The amount spent on ensuring workers’ well being significantly impacts a […]

Healthcare of the Future: Three Advancements in Health Tech and the Need to Market Them

Innovations in the field of health tech are enabling healthcare professionals to improve the quality and longevity of people’s lives. While some breakthroughs are harder to come by (such as the cure for cancer), strides are being made in the detection and restriction of disease spread. Among these innovations, Three forthcoming products will soon be […]

Increase ROI with the Right CMS Software

For health tech and life sciences marketers, creating and sharing value-added content with the decision-makers is imperative to increase engagement, build trust and gain a competitive advantage. While new CMS software available on consumer behavior alone can significantly assist marketers in content creation, it can’t guarantee an improved conversion rate. Health tech and life sciences […]

Cloud Native Maturity Model

Cloud-native applications are designed to deliver business value like rapidly incorporating user feedback for continuous improvement. Cloud-native app development speeds up the process of building new applications, optimizing existing ones, and connecting them all. Cloud-native app development delivers apps that users want at the pace a business needs. Cloud-native apps are taking over with a […]

10 Things for Your Checklist Ensuring a Successful Cloud Migration

Successful Cloud migration helps companies through their digital transformation journey as it provides adequate services for businesses’ growing needs. Commonly, “cloud migration” describes the move from on-premises or legacy infrastructure to the cloud. The term can also apply when migrating from one cloud to another cloud. Moving data to the cloud requires preparation and planning […]

Expansion of Industrial IoT in the Remote Work Future

At the beginning of 2020, industrial IoT companies were strategizing on how to tackle the aftermath of Brexit, the challenges of automotive industry and the slowing demand in China. But the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic threw the global economy and entire operations in a crisis. Governments, healthcare authorities, and business leaders focused on preserving lives and […]