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Connecting IoT: Mobile and Wearable Apps

In the 1960s, when the space race was underway and countries were gearing up their respective teams to travel to the moon, the foundations for interface were laid. To this date, we follow the same ideas that define digital interfaces, to make machines, devices, and technology easier to interact with. The advent of connecting IoT […]

Cost Effective Organization Management with SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has garnered a reputation for being a resourceful tool for any organization. Be it project management, storing information, or building a content management system, SharePoint as CMS is the common solution. This multipurpose nature of the software makes it a low-cost alternative to a number of organizational software such as CRM, Workflow Management […]

5 Benefits of Agile PLM for Healthcare Manufacturers

Healthcare manufacturers face unique challenges throughout the production process. Since people’s lives and wellbeing is at stake, life sciences and health tech organizations are subject to heaps of regulations. The compliance procedure can be hard to manage, as regulations dictate the input materials, the processes of production, and employee certifications. An effective and streamlined option […]

7 Ways Healthcare Industry Is Going Mobile

The digital transformation has brought about innovation in healthcare mobile apps practices and has made healthcare delivery more convenient and rapid for the patients. As a result, healthcare has become more tech-driven leading to better quality of services and lower response time for patients. From effective disease diagnosis to improved health monitoring, AI/ML solutions and […]

7 Best Practices for Customer Data Integration

The success and growth of any modern business greatly depend on quality customer data. Customer data integration enables you to know about their profiles, buying habits, and interest in your products/ services even before their launch. It gives you 360-degree visibility of your customers and empowers you to come up with just the right products […]

How to Migrate to SharePoint Safely and Efficiently?

Microsoft SharePoint enables seamless collaboration and effective content management across the organizational infrastructure. From quality intranet SharePoint capabilities to improved document handling, users can unlock value and drive growth with this platform. However, to keep up with the rapidly evolving industry standards and customer expectations, users need to migrate to its latest versions. SharePoint migration might […]

What PLM and ERP Integration Can Do for Your Organization

Modern supply chains for manufacturers require detailed management and supervision every step of the way to achieve long term success. Enterprise software such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems assist organizations in this endeavor. There is a clear difference between PLM and ERP integration softwares. This has to do […]

LMS Integration: Benefits of Integrating Learning with Work

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a portal which users access to get vocational training or advance their skills. These trainings/ certifications are sometimes crucial to the nature of the job. Such as for healthcare professionals, the FDA often requires all workers to seek mandatory certifications on a regular basis, without which they cannot practice […]

5 Ways Your Organization Can Make the Most of SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has made its reputation to be a multi-purpose, configurable platform for organizational data management needs. While some organizations may favor their SharePoint to act as an information repository, others might opt to use it for knowledge management. Most organizations currently using SharePoint are doing so because of its undeniable value as an intranet. […]