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Transform Enterprise Operations with Computer Vision

Scientists have successfully managed to replicate human’s unique ability to see, process information, and then act according to it in robots. However, more recently, there has been a shift in focus to leverage this technology to automate and transform enterprise operations. Computer vision technology can collect information about employees, products, and machines extra through complex […]

7 Advanced Applications of Computer Vision in Manufacturing

Modern consumers are well-informed and more confident about their choices. Manufacturers have to deliver products that exactly match consumer expectations, continuously innovate, and ensure delivery at the right time. So, manufacturers need to transform their operations altogether. In recent years, artificial intelligence has emerged at the forefront of modern manufacturing operations to enable manufacturers to […]

How To Neatly Run Your SharePoint Intranet

Ensure Seamless SharePoint Performance in Your Organization In Microsoft SharePoint, organizations have a powerful multipurpose tool. It serves primarily as an Intranet, allowing organizations to establish workflows and connect their various departments on a single shared network. SharePoint also stores important documents on a single repository for users to access as per need. While usage […]

LMS Essentials: The Complete LMS Integration Checklist

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are important parts of modern organizations as they cultivate knowledge and growth into their core values. For this reason, it has become a common practice to integrate LMS with existing software infrastructure such as ERP, PLM and HRMS to closely tie the learning experience along with employees’ tasks.  This blog is […]

A Complete Guide to Use SharePoint for HR Management

HR management is crucial to smooth running of organizational operations. From developing training modules to shaping organizational culture, the important of HR operations can’t be discounted. However, manual management can be very difficult during peak periods and overburdening the team can lead to major errors and delays. For efficient management of operations, MS SharePoint for […]

7 Reasons Why Cloud Integration Is Important for Your PLM

From designing to marketing, Oracle PLM software has become a crucial tool to manage all product lifecycle related operations. However, traditional PLM systems simply can’t keep pace with the rapidly evolving customer and industry requirements. To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to opt for PLM cloud integration. Integration with Cloud allows you to […]

Connecting IoT: Mobile and Wearable Apps

In the 1960s, amidst the space race and countries gearing up to travel to the moon, the foundations for interface were laid. We follow the same ideas to define digital interfaces today.  The original principles make machines, devices, and technology easier to interact with. The advent of connecting IoT (Internet of Things) has made interactions […]

Cost Effective Organization Management with SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has garnered a reputation for being a resourceful tool for any organization. Be it project management, storing information, or building a content management system, SharePoint as CMS is the common solution. This multipurpose nature of the software makes it a low-cost alternative to a number of organizational software such as CRM, Workflow Management […]