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Ideate and Innovate on Agile PLM with CAD Tools Integration

Engineering diagrams are the fundamental blocks of product design, costing, input sourcing, and many other important functions. Since various critical supply chain components for designing a product or service stem from engineering diagrams or blueprints, this information being present in Agile PLM is a necessity. However, importing this data isn’t that simple as there is no […]

Key Practices to Accelerate Your Agile PLM Performance

As customers demand more and more personalized products and experiences, manufacturers are finding it challenging to meet these rapidly evolving needs with their traditional PLMs. For today’s innovation processes across products, services and dynamic customer demands, companies need cross functional engineering, IT, and development teams with the rest of their business from their agile PLM […]

Streamline Workflow Through PLM-ERP Integration

With rapidly evolving customer expectations, managing the product lifecycle is getting more complicated. This complexity demands improved collaboration and better workflow to transform your Agile PLM into a more adaptable and responsive one. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) includes all the important organizational processes including the human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, and accounts. ERP systems are […]

Accelerate Employee Training through LMS Integration

To drive product innovation and maintain competitive advantage, organizations need to integrate diverse set of enterprise systems with their Agile PLM. These integrations ensure smooth data flow across the organization and enable manufacturers to reduce time to market. One of the enterprise systems that improves employee productivity is LMS (Learning Management System). LMS integration offers […]

How to Extend the Useful Life of Your Agile PLM? Part III

Streamline Operations Through Customized Integrations This blog is the final part of the series that discusses how Agile PLM customers can address their rapidly evolving business needs and unlock greater value with the right upgrades and integrations without moving to the Cloud. Agile PLM integrations with other useful systems like CAD, LMS, ERP, and PLM […]