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Dynamics 365: Your One-Stop Business Applications Solution

In 2016 Microsoft made the fateful decision to launch Dynamics 365 by combining Dynamics AX (an ERP platform) and Dynamics CRM applications. In doing so, Microsoft effectively became the pioneer in offering an integrated business applications solution.    What truly makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 so great is its all-encompassing nature. You get access to many […]

Native vs. Hybrid Apps – Unraveling the App Debate

In today’s tech-enabled environment, all businesses seek to build innovative, interactive, and scalable applications. Imagine what your life would be like if there were no Google Maps, weather forecast applications, or networking platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. The point is that the use of applications is proliferating at a lightning pace.   But most companies face […]

The Relationship Between Edge and Cloud Computing

One often comes across technical terms like edge and cloud computing. While the latter is still relatively well-known around the world, the former needs to be explained. This article highlights the basics of edge and cloud computing, their differences, and their relationship with one another. It also sheds light on the future of edge and […]

Top 10 Must-Know NLP Techniques for Data Scientists

Artificial intelligence (AI) envisions creating machines that imitate human intelligence and behave like us. According to the erudite scholar Yuval Noah Harari, language is what sets humans apart from other animals. Many consider it to be the most significant achievement of homo sapiens, one which has enabled us to cooperate in large numbers with each […]

Tableau vs. Power BI – A Comprehensive Comparison

The world of data analytics and visualization is in constant flux as new players keep entering the market, giving tough competition to existing players. The high demand for data analytics is attracting these new players. Companies are increasingly turning to business intelligence tools like Tableau vs. Power BI to achieve business goals and remain competitive. […]

Types of Contact Centers – Which One Is Best for Your Business

Contact Centers as the name refers are the central point through which an organization manages all its customer interactions. Contact centers allow businesses to offer a better customer experience through their preferred communication channel, whether the phone, social media, or email. This article explains the major types of Contact Centers and their characteristics. It also […]