Are SharePoint Capabilities Limitless?

The enormously adaptable web-based collaboration that is SharePoint is a document management platform. Its use differs from organization to organization. SharePoint’s primary purpose is documentation, storage, record keeping, and proper information communication across the organization. Users can find multiple uses out of SharePoint capabilities to establish subsites for different teams and departments.

It is like a secure and centralized repository where information is available as documents, photos, videos, receipts, and files. Users are free to access, share, and edit the data or compositions according to their needs.  

Usage Capabilities:

The capabilities of SharePoint lay in its different functionalities for a wide range of business activities. Depending upon the business’s size and scope, its capabilities are utilized for an efficient and productive workflow.

More than 85% of Fortune 500 companies make use of SharePoint capabilities for their everyday operations. More than 250,000 companies have access to the this facility for document management purposes.

For its many capabilities and features, it dominates the market with its numerous benefits. Organizations that use SharePoint can create websites and subsites. They can use it without risking the integrity of their data.

SharePoint migration offers a secure place for all your business-related information, which could be accessed through any device. It works great in any web browser, be it Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

Apart from these, some other capabilities of SharePoint include,

  • Content sharing with related business personnel, both inside and outside the organization
  • Enterprise content management or ECM through SharePoint aligns and organizes content through asset library, lists, and metadata
  • Options to hold team meetings of groups and users where they can view, discuss, collaborate on the stored content
  • Customized sites and subsites allow smooth communication and messaging across organizations through SharePoint
  • SharePoint is accessible through mobile, so Android, iOS, and Windows support team sites and content
  • It allows smooth workflow by creating alerts and reminders
  • Navigation and search function in SharePoint helps with surfacing relevant content
  • Can store, save and share content files up to a size of 15 GB
  • It allows for using the Office tools online
  • Users can track their version history of the files while maintaining the record

Customization Capability:

Every useful and flexible app or portal can suit the user’s needs. SharePoint Online, too, is an enormously adaptable platform that could be customized according to the organization’s needs. All organizations do not follow the same protocols and proceedings.

That is why customization is important.  To correlate with the internal branding, SharePoint can change its user interface. This could be done through image, color, font, headings, and background theme change.

Any cosmetic change is easy and doesn’t require the assistance of a developer. Hosting the on-premise version may require customization, which could be carried out by introducing new components.

With Microsoft flow and other new tools, many amendments and modifications could be made to the workflow processes. Apart from this, its functionality could be altered or customized as well.

Integration Capability:

SharePoint offers integration with different Microsoft products as well. It could be integrated with Office, OneDrive, cloud-based apps like Teams, Flow, Graph, and Office 365 productivity platform.

For all the capabilities mentioned-above, SharePoint falls under the umbrella of the most secure portal for all your document needs. You need not worry anymore about security, network, or access issues with SharePoint.

Its immense functionality makes it one of a kind and the most desirable choice of the document management, multimedia management, and record keeping platform. Get SharePoint for your business needs today and enjoy the experience of subtlety and security, in a risk-free platform.

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