UI Wizard For Agile PLM System

Discovering these customer challenges has motivated us to develop a solution which allows you to simplify the customization process. Our system allows you to create your own agile PLM customizations without writing a single line of code.

Issues with Traditional PLM Customization Approaches

Some of the perceived issues with writing custom code are that most of the time you need developer skills, there are upgrade issues, performance issues, maintenance and cost increases and downtime.

Our vision is that you don’t have to have this linked to the traditional agile PLM customization approaches. Xavor offers a next generation technology suite that will help equip business users to configure UI Speed-Ups to Agile PLM. The customized functionality can be created in a couple of days (depending on the complexity) and will not require additional developer skills. The platform will significantly reduce your upgrade/maintenance costs.

Overview of Xavor’s UI Wizard Technology

With Xavor’s UI Wizard for Agile PLM, deployment only takes a couple of hours. With a single day of (hands-on) Admin training it also supports all browsers. It works with all 9.3 versions, product support and upgrades.

Features Include:

  • Admin Client to configure UI Wizard
  • Ability to create Entities and Routable Objects using a multi-screen Speed- Up
  • Dependencies
    • Screens
    • Filtering Lists (By Default and based on Dependencies)
    • Making defaults dependent on other attributes
    • Hiding or showing attributes based on user specified conditions
  • Mass Upload (No additional configurations required)
  • User Assignment (Showing only assigned objects)
  • Help
    • Tooltips for attributes
    • Screen Notes for user guidance on every step of object creation
  • Templating
    • Creating Object Templates
    • Creating Object Clones
  • Adding Objects to BOM
  • Attachments
    • Dependencies between attributes and applying properties such as:
      • Hidden
      • Required
      • Read-only
      • Exclude
      • Capitalize
      • Overwrite defaults
      • Show in preview

Here are a few examples of Xavor’s Add-on Applications built using Xavor’s UI Wizard Technology:

Part Creation UI Wizard:

It simplifies the part creation process. The admin client helps the business user to configure:

  • User Interface (Screens)
  • Add Part Fields already configured in Agile PLM
  • Add dependencies/rules between the fields

The Mass Upload, part sharing, templates and Change creation part are also provided as out-of-box features.

BOM UI Wizard

It simplifies the bill of material creation process. The UI Wizard will help the business users create complex multilevel bills of materials. The components can be edited using drag and drop features. The bill of material rules and default fields can be configured using the admin client.

Change Creation UI Wizard

It simplifies the change creation process. The admin client helps business users to configure:

  • User Interface (Screens)
  • Add Change Fields already configured in Agile PLM system.
  • Add dependencies/rules between the fields
  • Add Affected Item information

The ECO Dashboard for approving all kinds of changes is also provided out-of-the-box.

PCN UI Wizard

It simplifies the product change notification process. This UI Wizard automates the steps required to prepare and send customer letters due to product form-fit-function change.

EOL UI Wizard

It simplifies the end-of-life process. This UI Wizard automates the steps required to prepare and send letters to affected partners due to product end-of-life.

UDI Creation UI Wizard

Configurations are added according to the FDA standards and contain all screens and attributes required by the FDA.

Situations Where Customizations Make Sense

I listed a few scenarios where agile PLM customizations make sense but I suggest trying to use as much out-of-the-box Agile PLM technology as you can. At the end of the day, you would like to reduce the cycle time so it may make sense for your organization to use PX’s when frequent repetitive tasks fall into a pattern, data validation on create, update, release, smart assignment of item or change defaults (i.e. reducing the amount of clicks), and custom integrations to or from your external systems.

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