Top 5 Strategies to Increase HCP Engagement with Marketing Automation

Have you imagined what a world without sales reps looks like? Health care professionals would directly be in contact with service providers. The industry is taking a leap of faith through direct contact with the companies that better suit market needs. The direct contact with the pharmaceuticals means developing an elaborate digital infrastructure. This infrastructure, in turn, automates the HCP engagement process without an intermediary.

The outreach efforts or the engagement plan requires a marketing automation process or MAP that increases companies’ annual revenue.

So, it is important to understand the MAP or marketing automation process adopted by the healthcare professionals and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, let us go through the strategies integral for the transformation. These strategies not only boost the HCP trends but also yield positive results for the system at large.

Is Email Automation an Answer to High ROI?

A strategized way of digital marketing is reaching out to potential customers through emails. This is because, it is direct, convenient, and personalized way of B2B and B2C communication.

Email marketing yields $38 for an expense of $1.

Needless to say, the medical, dental, and healthcare fraternity would benefit from email marketing too. Below are some of the ways that integrate email marketing with MAP efforts.

  • Deploy a full suite of Email Automation Strategies: according to a survey, over 50% of the respondents use A/B testing when it comes to email automation. The other 48% or more use marketing automation in some form. Also, almost 1/3rd of the respondents endorse personalized content marketing via emails. This is a clear indication of the high personalization and efficacy of HCP engagement.
  • Automate optimum email timings: through automation, you can now automate emails during peak hours and times when the open rates for HCP are the highest.

Tactical Content Marketing for High HCP Engagement:

Healthcare professionals delve into a specific kind of content. To generate maximum engagement, one must incorporate the right sort of content in marketing automation efforts. HCP looks for educational tools (diagnostics tools) and mobile-friendly services. So, your job is to create content that captures the right mindset and attention.

88% of HCPs require diagnostic tools once a month, and 66% require broader and better accessibility to these tools.

Similarly, most HCPs use mobile phones and electronic devices regularly. Therefore, content should be marketed according to their idiosyncrasies.

Channel Optimization to Suit HCP Preferences:

Marketing channels and mediums are as crucial as the content being marketed. It is, therefore, necessary to optimize the channels for marketing automation by;

  • Avoiding Information Overload: less is always more. One must identify the point beyond which content overwhelm will ruin the HCP engagement. This is because, marketing information is supposed to enlighten the customers and not confuse them further.
  • Digital Is the Way to Go: marketing automation enables scaling the digital outreach. Over 53% of marketing outreach happens through direct promotions like emails, mobile alerts, etc.
  • Robust Content: HCPs always seek robust and detailed content rich in facts and references to make an informed and educated decision. This is because, the credibility of the source is essential in healthcare.

It is vital that marketing channels should be well-thought and maintained to engage the HCPs. They should be able to relate their preferences with your content.

Eliminate Flawed Strategies in Outreach Program through MAP:

Every process has some bottlenecks and loopholes that can hinder smooth working. Following are some of the practices which remove potential flaws through automation processes.

  • Scheduling problems: in competitive times, bureaucratic practices are at a surge. These practices limit hospital buyers. Also, in-person access to the HCP is a complicated process. Through marketing automation, one can now form a “lead nurturing program.” The process allows a systematic scheduling process.
  • Retargeting: the automation software tracks and follows up for better engagement effort. It takes care of the dead lead where a lead is not interested in engagement with the sales rep. Therefore, the automation software takes care of these flaws through retargeting.

With proper issue addressing, you can put the flaws straight and increase the overall engagement. Each campaign that you run optimizes potential leads’ level of attention and capitalizes on a sophisticated marketing opportunity. 

HCP Engagement Goals:

To execute the strategies mentioned above for practical engagement efforts, one has to have a good platform. Pulse engagement cloud is such a platform that aligns engagement goals through customizable communication under one roof. The pulse cloud has so far resulted in the following turnouts,

69.12% jump in open email rates, 10.14% increase in HCPs

Xavor has excelled in providing Marketing Operations Automation to life science companies to increase HCP engagement. We enable these companies by implementing their highly complex and powerful marketing strategies for HCPs for maximum engagement. Our marketing operations services allow them to reach their full potential and assist with all their marketing strategies.

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