Top 10 Trending Speech to Text Software in 2022

Efficiency is paramount in the workplace. The quicker you can do a task, the more money you can rake in for your firm. Thus, employee productivity features quite high on the list of concerns for an organization. But ensuring a high productivity level is no mean feat; it requires, among other things, diligent planning and the use of modern technologies. Imagine the effort your team has to put in to manually transcribe sensitive audio recordings, notes, and multiple other documents. It would cost you time and money. An efficient organization saves both. Luckily, the digital revolution has empowered us with tools like speech to text that make our work lives more manageable.

One such tool is speech to text software. It enables you to type hands-free text and turn your voice to text. In other words, it turns cumbersome everyday business processes into easy-to-do tasks, thus saving you time, effort, and yes, money as well.   

This article sheds light on the top 10 speech to text software you can employ to enhance your workforce efficiency.

Let’s explore these powerful AI-enabled tools.  

Microsoft Dictate

Microsoft Dictate is one of the best free voice to text software available today. It was developed by Microsoft Garage – a company division where employees translate their ideas into projects – as an Office add-in for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Moreover, it uses the same advanced speech recognition technology used by Microsoft Cortana Virtual Assistant.   

However, Microsoft will no longer support the Office add-in after October 15, 2022. Nevertheless, the Microsoft Dictate application has been integrated into Windows 10 and Office 365, where users can continue using it to convert speech to text. It is a free tool compatible with Windows devices only.  

Here’s a list of Microsoft Dictate‘s vital features.  

  • High accuracy of speech to text.  
  • Lets you give voice commands for usual operations like typing and editing.  
  • Supports 29 spoken languages.  
  • Offers real-time translation to 60 different languages.  
  • It empowers users with greater control over dictation through commands like “stop dictation,” “new line,” and “enter.”  
  • Offers two modes of punctuation: manual and auto.  
  • Gives visual feedback to show that it is processing speech.

Google’s Cloud Speech-to-Text

Most content writers use Google Docs as an integral part of their work. According to research, over a billion people use Google and its products. That makes it a market leader. Therefore, if you are somebody who uses Google Docs to create documents, you can use its robust and free speech dictation tool.   

It enables you to use your voice for typing text. It also empowers you with over 100 commands specifically used for formatting and editing. For example, you can use the Speech-to-Text tool to create bullet points, change the styling format, and move the cursor, all with your voice!  

Google uses advanced deep learning neural network algorithms for Autonomous Speech Recognition (ASR). All you have to do is click the “Tools” button and select the “Voice Typing” option to enable voice typing in Google Docs. Its features include:  

  • You can manage, create, and experiment with custom resources using Speech-to-Text.  
  • Provides speech adaptation by giving hints to bolster transcription accuracy.  
  • Transcribe multimedia content like audio and video to enhance user experience.  
  • It offers language support in 125 languages and variants.  
  • Gives real-time speech recognition to show it is processing speech input.  
  • It does not require additional voice cancellation to handle noisy audio.  
  • Enables automatic punctuation.  

Dragon Professional Individual, v15

Dragon Professional Individual is an incredibly powerful speech to text software solution. You can use your voice to do a range of things like write emails, create reports, make forms, and much more. It also uses advanced deep learning technology to adapt to the users’ speech and environments.  

Moreover, Dragon stores regularly used phrases and words in an internal repository so as to reduce the number of corrections. Users can utilize its Smart Format Rules feature to configure the appearance of items like abbreviations, phone numbers, dates, etc.   

Its benefits and features include:  

  • Import/Export custom word lists for business-specific jargon and acronyms.  
  • Build custom voice commands for using regularly used text and graphics.  
  • 12-month long free access to Dragon Anywhere mobile application upon purchasing Dragon Professional Individual.  
  • Speak as long as you want to create documents of whatever length you desire.  
  • Ensures transcription accuracy for various accents and noisy backgrounds like office cubicles.  


Verbit is next in line in our list of best dictation apps. It is a Tel-Aviv-based, AI-enabled transcription and captioning software solution that provides high accuracy and low turnaround time. It is specially designed to address the transcription and captioning needs of enterprises and educational institutions.  

Furthermore, Verbit employs multiple AI algorithms and speech modules to ensure high accuracy and reduce background noise. But that’s not it; AI algorithms also enable Verbit to recognize and include contextual events from the user’s speech.   

Its benefits include:  

  • High-level transcription and captioning accuracy.  
  • Convenient to schedule real-time services.  
  • Easily integrates into Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more.  
  • Supports blind and vision loss audiences.  


SpeechTexter is another top-of-the-line speech conversion tool. It is a free multilingual tool that facilitates the transcription of various types of files like emails, reports, books, articles, etc. Like the previously mentioned voice to text conversion tools, SpeechTexter also enables you to add custom voice commands for specific actions, including punctuation marks.  

It is an excellent tool for differently-abled persons, like those who have dyslexia or people who have problems using their hands due to injury or trauma. Moreover, SpeechTexter is widely used by writers, students, teachers, and bloggers. It also aids users in developing fluency and learning the proper pronunciation of foreign language words.  

However, it is only compatible with Google Chrome and Android. Here are some of its features:  

  • Custom voice commands.  
  • Supports over 70 different languages.  
  • Improves user productivity.  
  • Enables and assists people with typing difficulties.  
  • Allows for live transcription  

e-Dictate Voice to Text App

e-Dictate is a voice to text conversion application for Android and web users. It enables you to speak and get text in real-time in any language of the world. Yes, you read that right! e-Dictate has been specifically designed and adapted to include all the world’s spoken languages.   

It is an AI-powered application that genuinely turns your mobile phone into a proper speech-to-text device. e-Dictate also offers the Talking Translator, a conversational AI-powered application designed to facilitate travelers to overcome communication barriers.   

Here are some benefits of e-Dictate’s Voice to Text application:  

  • High transcription accuracy of over 95%.  
  • Use any language you want to dictate and see text in real-time.  
  • Easily converts thousands of vocal phrases into text.  
  • Excellent for both short and hours-long dictations.  
  • It is a lightweight application of only 20 MB.  

Apple Dictation

Here’s another winner! Apple Dictation is one of the top free speech to text software available today. It comes built-in with most Apple devices. Also, Apple Dictation uses Siri’s servers and can process up to 30 seconds of speech at any given time.   

But the best part about Apple Dictation is that it lets you transcribe your speech into text without an active internet connection. This is handy for users who have tight schedules. It offers more than 70 voice commands which you can use to type, edit, and format any document.  

Gboard Voice Typing

Gboard is one of the most popular mobile apps available today. It ranks as one of the best free text to speech and speech to text tools available today. Gboard comes equipped with fantastic features like one-handed mode and glide typing.   

But most importantly, it has a robust speech recognition system. You can use Gboard Voice Typing on any Android application that allows speech and text input. All you have to do is click on the microphone icon and start speaking when the screen displays the “Speak now” message.   

You can manually correct all the errors in the transcribed text. Moreover, it enables you to replace words in a document through speech. Select the target work, press the microphone icon and once the “Speak now” message is displayed, say the word you want to replace it with. Gboard offers dictation support for various languages and is also available for offline use.  


Speechmatics is an excellent speech to text software that automates the transcription process using its powerful machine learning technology. It has a flexible API that can easily be integrated into your applications or business solutions to give you highly accurate speech transcriptions. Moreover, it uses Autonomous Speech Recognition (ASR) to ensure highly accurate transcriptions.  

Speechmatics provides an enhanced user experience by emphasizing flexibility in its open architecture. It also focuses on inclusivity to ensure voice recognition irrespective of the users’ dialect, age, or pitch.

Watson Speech to Text by IBM

IBM’s Watson Speech to Text is an impressive cloud-based speech recognition software. It enables quick and accurate speech transcription for multiple use cases, including agent assistance, customer self-service, and speech analytics.

Watson Speech to Text transcribes your speech in real-time and lets you download and subsequently transcribe and translate various files collectively. Moreover, it offers features that let you use timestamps, smart formatting and execute editing for words, acronyms, and numbers.

That’s a Wrap!

As time passes and technology advances, the use of speech recognition, transcription, and translation software will increase. Dictation software such as those mentioned above make users’ lives way more convenient, which explains why they are becoming increasingly popular.

Nevertheless, it must be borne in mind that not every speech recognition and dictation software works well for all tasks. Most of these software function best when used for writing emails, notes, commentaries, and dialogues. In any case, there are numerous advantages of using such software and nearly no disadvantages!

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