What To Expect from Xavor in 2017

Xavor’s efforts over the past year to transform its delivery and investments in product innovation around Oracle PLM, both on premises and cloud, will lead to some very exciting launches and announcements this year. Some of the highlights are listed below:

Oracle Cloud:

  1. Xavor will be launching a full featured, 100% native Environmental Governance and Compliance (EG&C) module for Oracle Cloud PLM 2 months after the launch of R13 of Oracle Cloud PLM. We have been working with many customers on some out-of-the box usability ideas and we will have a “concept” demo during MBER to demonstrate some of our ideas around the type of products Xavor will be developing for Oracle Cloud PLM.
  2. End-to-End UDI Solution for Oracle Cloud PLM. Xavor has ported its UDI Solution to the Oracle Cloud. This will officially launch as well around R13.
  3. Xavor has adapted its delivery methodology for small PLM implementations to fit more closely to SaaS PLM with our all-inclusive packages starting at $18k for Cloud PD. These packages will be available for all Cloud PLM modules (Cloud PD, Cloud PDH, Cloud IM, Cloud PPM). We have spent more than 6 months to develop our methodology to ensure customer success with the implementation which customers expect from Xavor.
  4. 10 integration adapters for Cloud PLM/IM covering all commonly used ERPs and CRMs (Oracle EBSSAP, Dynamics AXSalesforceJD EdwardsDynamics GPDynamics CRMQADJIRAExpandable)

Agile PLM 

  1. As a key Oracle partner, we will increase our commitment to the Agile PLM customers with several new game-changing add-ons for Agile PLM (xReport and xArchive).  xReport eliminates the need to write code to develop custom reports for Agile PLM customers. xArchive allows customers to keep historical PLM data in a read-only system as they move from one PLM to another or simply to reduce the size of their PLM database and file vault for performance improvements. xArchive is being used by customers who don’t want to take all of their data to their new system but want the data available in a read-only format, such as previous revisions of parts/BOMs.
  2. Major updates to our existing add-ons for Agile PLM such as Excel Integration for Agile PLMAutomation EngineECO Dashboard, UI Wizard and more.
  3. Major upgrades to our existing products such as Supplier Portal and Cost Modeling Tool are planned for mid-2017 to offer enhance workflow and integration with ERPs, Quality and Procurement solutions.
  4. An Upgrade to our Employee Training Records (ETR) Solution is also planned for release in the third quarter of 2017
  5. Product bundles to help customers address pain points around Agile PLM: Essential Tools, Usability Bundle, and Reporting Bundle.
  6. Simplification of prices of all products to help every Agile customer get the benefit of these pre-built products.

xEngine Integrations

  1. Innovations on the xEngine platform dropping an all-inclusive cost for integration to under $10k per year
  2. Launch of xEngine into a full-fledged integration product innovation focused on integrations where one system is on-premises


Self-paced online training for Agile PLM and all Oracle Cloud PLM modules will become available. This will be launched in April 2017. When you have new employees, you will be able to send them to this course to ensure they know how to use each module.

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