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Top Features and Advantages of Oracle’s Agile PLM

The Covid19 pandemic has upturned the traditional way of doing business. Supply chains have crashed, companies have shut down, and economies have been seriously battered. Organizations, governmental and non-governmental, have rapidly transformed their way of working. It is undoubtedly an era of intense disruption for myriad reasons.   In such times, using good product lifecycle management […]

How To Use Orchard as Headless CMS

Orchard as a Conventional CMS   Orchard as headless CMS is a multi-tenant, modular, and open-source Microsoft-based application framework and CMS for ASP.NET Core. It was initially developed by a team working on Microsoft SharePoint, keeping the latter as its inspiration.   Orchard’s predecessor was Microsoft Oxite; however, it is no longer an official Microsoft product. […]

7 Reasons Why SharePoint is Essential for Your Company

Teamwork has become pivotal these days. People can no longer work in silos, even if they want to. Departmental functions cannot be carried out efficiently without inter- and intradepartmental communication.   This is business studies 101; effective communication within an organization is key to its success. Silos and haphazard communication can lay waste to a company […]

The Essential Role of PLM Software in Digital Transformation

Product Lifecycle Management PLM software plays a vital role in today’s digital transformation wave enveloping manufacturing enterprises. Digitization holds the key to remaining competitive in this time and age. Companies regularly face mounting market pressures, thus forcing them to come up with new products and business models.    But such ingenuity necessarily requires integrating data, […]

7 Notable Differences Between Power BI and Tableau

The world of data analytics and visualization is rapidly growing. New players are entering the market while existing ones are overtaking the smaller players. But what makes a business intelligence tool good?   A combination of price, ease of use, power, and brand recognition ultimately decides how good a data analytics tool is.   Power BI and […]

Developing High Performance Applications Using Full Stack Development

We often come across technical terms like full stack development. Interestingly, most of us don’t even know its exact concept and meaning. For the unaware, full stack development is the end-to-end application development process. It includes the front and the back-end development too.    In applications or software, the front-end usually comprises the user interface, whereas […]

A Step-by-Step Guide on Using WordPress as Headless CMS

WordPress as a Conventional CMS  WordPress is one of the most popular domains in the world today. According to a survey, more than 40% of websites use WordPress for their tasks. Anybody who uses WordPress is familiar with its numerous functions and plugins.   Developers and users often make use of these themes, functionalities, and plugins […]

Top 10 Trending Speech to Text Software in 2022

Efficiency is paramount in the workplace. The quicker you can do a task, the more money you can rake in for your firm. Thus, employee productivity features quite high on the list of concerns for an organization. But ensuring a high productivity level is no mean feat; it requires, among other things, diligent planning and […]