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Mobile UX Trends in 2022 that Users Want

There is a reason why user interface (UI) goes hand in hand with user experience (UX). It’s not enough that the applications and websites should look good; the way users feel when engaging with digital products is essential. Mobile App Developers have started focusing on the behavioral side of design. They are looking to understand […]

Adding Database Views In OBIEE Without OPLA Configurator

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is an innovative and comprehensive BI platform that delivers the full range of BI capabilities on a next-generation architecture designed for proper enterprise deployment. Business Intelligence is a necessity for all modern organizations. Advanced AI has allowed them to collect massive amounts of information on processes, performance, and quality of goods and […]

Tableau First Update for 2022! What’s New?

Tableau is one of the foremost business intelligence (BI) tools enterprises employ. This market-leading analysis tool was built with the idea of helping people see and understand data better. Tableau holds the biggest chunk of the USD 22 Billion Business Intelligence market, with a 12.97% share. It has been the market leader for nine years […]

9 New Features to Expect in Microsoft Power BI

Business Intelligence (BI) applications are presently valued at USD 22 Billion in 2022. Through AI and other advancements in Business Intelligence, in-depth trend analysis, quick data assimilation, and superior decision-making are all possible. Microsoft Power BI tools play a vital role in enterprise growth and strategy as they provide a visual representation of performance data. […]

What Is Mobile Commerce and Why You Need To Consider It

Mobile commerce, also known as m-commerce, involves the use of wireless and mobile handheld devices like smartphones and tablets for the online conduction of transactions. These online transactions include online banking, paying bills, and purchasing and selling products. The use of m-commerce is growing with time. Mobile commerce sales are expected to reach $3.56 trillion […]

What Is Fintech? The Present & The Future

Financial technology (FinTech) describes the new and advanced technology that aims to improve and automate the use and delivery of financial services. At its core, the technology helps business owners, companies, and consumers to manage their financial processes and operations better. Utilizing specialized algorithms and software used on computers and smartphones, FinTech makes lives convenient […]

AI in Mobile App Development: Futuristic and Functional

Mobile devices are a staple to professional and casual users. These devices help us interact with the world in a new way. Beyond communicating via audio & video calls and messaging, mobiles are entertainment units, health trackers, and workstations for several content creators. However, the challenge here is that mobile users demand personalization to own […]

Building IT Resilience for Modern Businesses

The practice of data backup and recovery has evolved rapidly over the past five years. Organizations are being pushed to work under any unforeseen circumstances. Global events such as the financial crisis of 2008, the COVID-19 pandemic, and now the outbreak of war in critical regions around the world makes a strong case for developing […]

Diagnosing Power BI Report Performance

You can’t deny the fact that Microsoft Power BI is an extremely powerful tool that goes beyond simple visualizations. It allows you to transform and manage data, perform complex calculations, and even build custom visualizations via third-party integration and JavaScript libraries. It also connects with a variety of heterogeneous data sources and empowers you to […]