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Have you ever been to the Crossings Golf course in Carlsbad? Although most people go to golf, we had the pleasure of hosting our last Agile PLM Meetup here! Immediately we were drawn in by the open meeting space with beautiful windows and high celling overlooking the golf course, and if you look close enough you can even see views of the Pacific Ocean! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy being near the green? If you aren’t familiar with our Meetups, these are designed as an outlet for Agile PLM users to strengthen their knowledge of PLM and get real time answers in a casual environment. Originally started in Orange County, we have now expanded to host these events in Northern California and San Diego   Read more [...]
conflict minerlas
In case you missed our last #XavorWebinarSeries, we discussed one of the leading issues many businesses are facing with product compliance as it relates to Conflict Minerals. Industries such as high tech, semiconductor, consumer electronics manufacturers, automotive, and industrial machinery manufacturers who are using Conflict Minerals in their products are searching for a solution to meet the SEC’s reporting requirements as addressed in the new Conflict Minerals Law. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Conflict Minerals, the obtainment of these goods are highly controversial as they are mined in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) which is driven by armed groups who use the   Read more [...]
Oracle Value Chain Summit Feb. 3-5, 2014 What a great week we had at #OVCS! Hosted at the San Jose Convention Center this year, Xavor demonstrated a plethora of new Agile PLM solutions at our booth (#109). We definitely had a great presence at the show with our Xavor team members in full force: Hassan Ramay, Xavor’s Managing Partner, Tom Nelson, Principal-Product & Program Management, Arif Ansari, Managing Consultant, Hassan Sheikh, Managing Consultant, Sandra Campbell, Sr. Consultant, Lesley de Lugo, Director of Strategic Engagements, Jeff Sanders, Senior Account Executive and myself. The presence at the Summit was fantastic with over 1,000 in attendance. There were over 30 informative   Read more [...]
There are many different layers within an organization to run like a well-oiled machine. The people, processes and tools must work consistently together in order to produce a strong outcome. When any element is added or taken away within a business, the appropriate precautions must take place in order to keep existing processes afloat. For new Agile users, the decision to implement Agile PLM into existing tools can lead to many business challenges if the appropriate measures aren’t taken. The nature and impact of these risks vary depending on the structure of an organization. Here are our recommendations for a smooth implementation process: Business Value Identification Phase: Risk: Conflicting   Read more [...]
These days, people expect everything in the blink of an eye. Latte? Coming right up. Spilled on that suit right before the big meeting? No problem, the cleaners will have it cleaned and pressed within 2 hours of drop off time. Boss emails you at 11:30 PM? A response is expected within 20 minutes or you’re fired! (Not really but you get the bigger picture). In a world bursting with smart phones, iPads and the latest tech gadgets, we’re accustomed to produce faster, to expedite proficiently, and to generate at higher volumes. Agile PLM teams receive more and more projects monthly but are limited on time to perform their functions. Time constraints cause problems in creating projects utilizing   Read more [...]
As a prelude to our December 11th webinar, here is a brief overview of the benefits of using Assist+. Agile users are often overwhelmed by new functionality and updates to data fields while experienced users sometimes risk going down the wrong path during data entry and updates. Let us define Assist+ for those of you who are not too familiar with it. Xavor’s Assist+ guides users at the field level during both object creation and updates to prevent any future corrective action. The target audience includes: Agile Admins, Agile PLM users, Doc Control, Configuration Managers and Quality Engineers. Assist+ provides a mouse-over hover (help) text for Agile objects which include parts, documents   Read more [...]
This week I headed to San Francisco to attend Dreamforce ’13, the largest vendor led technology conference held by For those of you who aren’t familiar with, they are a global technology cloud computing company best known for their customer relations management (CRM) tool.  With over 135,000+ attendees and over 350 exhibitors, the annual event is focused on cloud, mobile, social and connectivity. It’s valuable for Xavor to attend as has been a huge factor in the way we conduct business as our relationships with our clients are most valuable. CEO and Salesforce Chairman Marc Benioff always has his own unique way of kicking off the show.   Read more [...]
A few weeks ago we had a great discussion on Agile’s PPM (Product Portfolio Management) tool in our webinar session and user group meeting. PPM is a web-based, enterprise system supporting the management of phase-based programs and projects with seamless integration to PLM. In addition, it manages sub-projects, processes, deliverables, schedules, resources loading, task management and collaboration discussions between users. PPM synchronizes with other Agile PLM modules to automatically track program status leaving the team free to focus on execution. PPM aims to provide solutions to many common program management issues: - Real-Time Status Reports to support data driven projects and portfolio   Read more [...]