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Xavor’s web presence management services enable enterprises to focus on what matters the most to them and stop worrying about marketing.


Enterprise Web Presence Management

Modern consumers are very well-informed and enjoy a whole bunch of choices. They initiate any buying decision by searching for potential options and then go with something suitable, affordable, and offers value for money. Therefore, it is essential for any business to maintain a solid online presence irrespective of domain or niche.

At Xavor, we not only develop digital products and solutions – we help companies optimize their digital assets and presence. Our web presence management services enable enterprises to stay focused on what matters the most to them and stop worrying about marketing 

Key Areas of Engagement 

Our set of web presence management services has a wide range of solutions, but can be summarized into the following four buckets.

  • Web branding
  • Enterprise Web Solution Development
  • Ecosystem (Web Channels) Development
  • Infrastructure Management

Web Branding 

An effective brand identity management empowers enterprises to improve productivity, enhance user experience, and secure the brand at various levels.

Xavor helps customers understand their brand and identify their needs by offering a heuristic brand audit. To fill up the existing gaps within the enterprise, we offer premium branding services like Design Discovery, Brand Guideline Development, Responsive Mobile-first Design, and Interactive Prototype. For specific service offering, you may check with our sales via email.

Enterprise Web Solutions Development 

Having optimized digital assets is the primary requirement for a solid web presence. Xavor follows enterprise-grade standards to develop web portals and channels that are highly secure and mobile optimized. It helps customize and extend CMS (Content Management System) functionality that meets the modern marketer’s needs for multi-channel content creation and publishing.

In addition to web development services, we also provide process automation and integration support. Our team can help enterprises automate content approval and publishing workflows – thus saving clients a lot of time. We can also help clients integrate their digital assets with other systems like web portals (internal & external), e-commerce platforms, marketing/CRM solutions, and third-party data gathering and analytics tools. In short, we can help you in asset development, setup, optimization, third-party integrations, and reporting.

Ecosystem Development 

Xavor empowers clients to extend their outreach, speak to the right audiences, and digitally promote their products and services.  And we do this by helping customers develop quality web marketing channels and building a supportive ecosystem. Xavor has an expertise in developing prominent web channels including Global Websites, Microsites, Regional Sites, Landing Pages, and Inbound Marketing.

The channels ensure the success of marketing campaigns and help the customers put their enterprises on their way to success.

Infrastructure Management  

Xavor carefully considers the specific industry requirements and budget constraints of enterprises to set up a reliable infrastructure for enterprises. The resulting infrastructure is responsive, efficient, and highly adaptable to the rapidly changing industry and enterprise-specific needs.

Xavor offers Setup (hosting, custom domain mapping, SSL Certificate), Migration (On-prem to Cloud, CMS to CMS), Governance (support and maintenance), and Security (MFA, SSO) to help their customers every step of the way.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please reach out to our sales at and our team would be in touch.

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