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Providing you an engagement model through personalized experience, allowing insights-driven actions based on data analytics, and smart campaigns for superior ROI through marketing solutions. 


Digital Marketing & CMS Services

In today’s digital-first world, enterprises are looking to build long-term relationships with their customers by using Digital Marketing Platforms. Customers are also more articulate and demand maximum reach to their targeted audience for their products and services.

The digital marketing platform, along with a holistic marketing strategy, helps to engage with customers effectively, reach various demographics, influence their opinions, get timely feedback, and collect actionable insights. At Xavor, we help design and execute smart campaigns based on customer’s collected data and get significant results.

Over the past 25 years, Xavor has helped many enterprise customers to formulate and implement their Digital Marketing Strategy, increasing their global reach and business growth. Xavor has implemented several enterprise-grade CMS solutions and developed innovative custom extensions to enhance CMS capabilities. Xavor has also integrated CMS solutions with 3rd party enterprise systems, including Language Providers, Marketing Tools, Career Portals, and Identity Management Systems.

Collaboration and Engagement Experience (EX) 

At Xavor, our top consultants provide an interactive solution for all your marketing needs. We provide services like the development of Global Experience Language or GEL in collaboration with your internal design team or external design agencies, implementation of website theme with Mobile-First approach putting your branding and styling guidelines first, and much more. We also help you in setting up tour personalized marketing channels and web portals to make your user experience audience-specific to meet the informational needs of multiple segments.

Marketing Operations 

At Xavor, we help you with Developing, maintaining, and enhancing digital marketing strategies and platforms, digital marketing content management with powerful workflows to translate and deploy content into different languages and across different regions. Digital asset management and workflows to manage, approve, and send those assets.

We also provide all your security concerns, including backups, failover, and contingency planning, and provide constant security updates based on vulnerability analysis. Our engineers and consultants help you with infrastructure cost, performance optimization, and offer support and maintenance for existing implementation.

Marketing Analytics Solutions 

Analytics, Forecasting, reporting, data visualization, and business intelligence are the eyes and ears of digital marketing strategies. Leverage Xavor marketing platform capabilities for real-time analytics and out of box integrations with popular marketing analytic solutions for real-time actionable insights

Campaign Management Solutions 

Xavor provides you with a portal for internal and external collaboration with employees and customers. To have sufficient authentication and authorization, we provide security implementation with Azure SSO / MFA. We also help you integrate tools you are already leveraging with unified marketing strategies and platforms.

CRM & Loyalty-Driven Marketing 

At Xavor, we help you with identifying customer preferences and behaviors by leveraging different social media services and social analytics tools. We also help you identifying, monitoring and separating reward desirable customer behavior using loyalty driven marketing strategies

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