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Free Generative AI Bootcamp

Generative AI is making waves across industries, opening up exciting new opportunities for innovation. Microsoft, in partnership with OpenAI, is all set to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

This 3-month Bootcamp offers you a chance to gain hands-on experience with practical use cases, demonstrating how generative AI and NLP leverage the power of LLMs to improve healthcare outcomes and drive change that matters. As you graduate from this Bootcamp, you will have the clarity on how to pursue a high-growth career in AI and the technical skills and certifications you need to thrive in it.


Who Should Join?

Gain technical skills that set you apart from your peers in the job market
Empowering women to thrive in the world of artificial intelligence
IT Professionals
Upgrade your skills and take advantage of the booming Al industry

Why Choose a Career in AI?

The best way to navigate a rapidly evolving job landscape is to hop onto the AI bandwagon; it’s
the surest way to a secure, meaningful, and productive career in hi-tech. Xavor’s Generative AI
Bootcamp will empower you with leading technical skills and hands-on industry experience,
offering you an incredible opportunity to kickstart your career in AI!

1st Month
Self-paced, on-demand online training of trending topics in Al
2nd Month
Office training (hybrid) with hands-on experience on practical use cases & preparation for Microsoft certification
3rd Month
Learn how to build digital products, pitch generative Al ideas, & launch an Al startup

Course Outline

Account Configuration / Access

Guest Lecture (Dr. Ramesh / Dr. Humayun / any other)

Introduction to Generative AI

Generative AI and Long-Term Memory for LLMs (OpenAI, Cohere, OS, Pinecone)

Generative Question-Answering with OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and DaVinci

  • GPT4: Hands on with the API
  • Create Custom Tools for Chatbots in LangChain - LangChain#8
  • Build Conversational Agents with Vector DBs - LangChain#9
  • LAB 4
  • Using NEW MPT-7B in Hugging Face and LangChain
  • Hugging Face Agents - Building Custom Tools
  • MPT-30B Chatbot with LangChain
  • Hugging Face LLMs with SageMaker + RAG with Pinecone
  • Capstone Project

Our Guest Speakers

Dr. Humayun Rashid

Better known as Hugh, Dr. Humayun is a practitioner-scholar with over 30 years of technology implementation experience with hi-tech companies worldwide. He is the founder of Xavor Corporation.

Dr. Ramesh C Jain

An active researcher, founder, entrepreneur, and co-author, Dr. Ramesh Jain has many feathers in his cap. He founded the Center for Visual Computing at UC San Diego and is a professor emeritus at UCI.

Dr. Usman Ghani

Currently serving as Chairman of the CS department at UET Lahore, Dr. Ghani has incredible experience in spoken language processing using statistical approaches. He is also leading 7 Al research labs under the auspices of the NCAI

Introducing a Gateway to the Future

Generative AI Bootcamp 2023

Become a part of a world where generative AI intersects with healthcare,
propelling you into the forefront of a transformative industry.

What You Get For Free

The bootcamp sessions will be conducted in the evening.

The bootcamp will be taught online. For the first month, it will be entirely remote. In the second month, it will be a hybrid format, and in the third month, it will be a combination of hybrid and onsite sessions.  

Onsite sessions will commence in the third month of the bootcamp.

If you are not located in Lahore, the company will provide compensation for your travel and stay during the onsite sessions. 

Introducing a Gateway to the Future

Shape the Future

Don’t miss this amazing career-building opportunity. Join Xavor’s Generative
AI Bootcamp and become part of a future where healthcare and AI converge

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