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Architecture Design and Development

Evolution in the digital technology solutions landscape has caused massive disruption across multiple industries and has led to optimizing efficiencies, quick information sharing, and dynamizing of business processes.

To be at the top in their domain, today’s leaders are inclining towards the use of strategic disruptive technologies like highly-scalable micro-services, hyper-automation using AI/ML solutions, and IoT; Digital Twin, rapid integration and cloud computing.

Xavor’s technology innovation leaders are helping companies ideate new business innovations through emerging technologies and devising the strategy you need to compete with digital disruptors.

We are supporting the IT executives to identify where, and when, developing, and strategic technologies fit into the next digital-first business model. We are fully involved in the platform’s development, from ecosystems modeling and creating the business model, to the modular, service-oriented technical architectures that enable it.

Architecture Design Service

Our experts have developed unique architecture development processes that not only provide a solid foundation but also endorse its scalability, security, performance, and quality. We strategically evaluate your architecture to ensure quality attributes, methods to assess an architecture before any system is built from it, to mitigate the risks associated with launching unique designs.

Architecture Audit Service

Adopting a digital-first strategy is not a smooth journey as there are several unprecedented challenges along the way. The real problem is to figure out the road map of your organization and determining the future of your enterprise. This is where our Architecture Audit service is helping organizations with a smooth and successful transformation. Xavor is the digital enabler of your IT infrastructure and data architecture for a digital-first strategy in a heterogeneous and distributed environment. Here at Xavor, we have devised a framework that analyzes your system’s capability to satisfy the essential stakeholder requirements, detect design errors, ensure quality attributes are part of the proposed architecture, discover potential risks, and identifies areas of improvement.

Solutions We Are Providing


xEngine provides an essential infrastructure to connect CRM with other systems. Whenever an event is triggered in CRM, xEngine receives a message using the source adapter. The message persists in xEngine until it is picked up by the destination adapter.


ETS is a cloud-enabled employee training management system specially designed to impart eLearning content with which the employees or staff of any company can start developing new skills, improve their performance, and bring power to the organization.

PLM Portal

PLM Portal is a read-only document repository of Agile PLM with Efficient Search, Bookmarks, Access Control, and Web Document Viewer.

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