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Xavor provides software technology consultancy to eliminate bottlenecks in your organization’s transformation journey and enable digital services that are simpler, clearer, and faster to use and aligned with your strategic goals. With our help, you can choose the most suitable set of technologies, tools, and platforms for your business. As a result, you can reduce IT spending and increase revenue.

The age of digital transformation has prompted businesses to make the necessary technological investments. Organizations must plan according to their future needs and must be sure of the technologies they employ. The right set of tools and investments could mean a competitive edge for years to come, and Xavor can help you achieve that edge in your industry.

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Technology Services

Evolution in the digital technology landscape has caused massive disruption across multiple industries and optimized efficiencies, speeding up information sharing and dynamizing business processes.  

To become a leader in their respective enterprise domain, enterprises are taking positions on strategic disruptive technologies like highly-scalable micro-services, hyper-automation using AI ML solutions, and IoT; Digital Twin, rapid integration, and cloud computing. 

But the challenge is shifting the focus from core business to ever-evolving technology, which has many different elements and where each has its own complexities. We provide the tools and support needed to achieve this. 

Guiding you throughout the transformation journey, we start with a technology and ecosystem strategy that lays a future-ready foundation. We then develop a roadmap for change that integrates with your workforce and business processes—all in a highly secure environment. We provide the following services: 

Middleware Development Service

Most of the solutions designed these days are coming up with thin clients, and they shift complexities & heavy workloads to the cloud. There you have a lot more flexibility to develop highly scalable, highly available solutions, large-scale solutions. 

But this side comes up with its own complexities and its own challenges. Each area has many options, and making the proper selection requires up-to-date expertise of multiple platforms. 

We provide back-end development services to many in-house software and smart products and various clients on tech projects. 

Integration Services

Xavor has helped hundreds of customers around the globe to address their data integration needs between enterprise systems, custom solutions, and business processes integration. 

Xavor has its own proprietary tool integration called xEngine, which industry leaders have used for system integration. Xavor also holds deep expertise in integration using MuleSoft, BizTalk, Scribe, and Azure integration services. 

With most of these platforms, we offer a large variety of adapters available for top ERPs, PLM systems, CAD tools, and other systems. These ready-made adapters can quickly and conveniently implement integration for you. 

QA Services

We are also providing QA services to clients on their applications and products. Along with standard QA services, we have developed unique services to test our smart solutions. This includes quality validation of physical devices, mobile or web applications, and cloud backends, so this is a comprehensive end-to-end quality testing service. 

Our Products

Based on the decades of experience we have with industry leaders in PLM, Health Tech, Semiconductors, and other industries, we have developed a range of impressive products.

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Cloud-Based Contact Centers

Modern contact centers bring dynamic, personalized, and natural experiences to enhance Customer Experience. We leverage AWS Connect to quickly turn up this solution at a lower cost. If you are searching for a cloud solution for a customer support service that provides a unified experience across multiple channels, such as Voice, Email, and Chat, AWS Connect is your best bet.

Architecture Services

Xavor’s technology innovation leaders are helping companies to ideate new business innovations made possible by emerging technologies and devising the strategy you need to compete with digital disruptors. We are helping the IT executives identify where, and when, emerging and strategic technologies fit into the next digital-first business model.  
This, in turn, guides investment choice for the next generation of technology solutions. With many customers, we are fully involved in the platform’s development, from ecosystems modeling and creating the business model, to the modular, service-oriented technical architectures that enable it. 

Architecture Office

We have established an in-house platform to develop the expertise to offer best-in-class architecture services on the architecture side. 

Today’s applications are supposed to scale quickly to potentially millions of users with global availability and manage petabytes or even exabytes of data and still respond in milliseconds. We call these modern applications.  

These modern applications cover use cases from web applications to mobile backends to IoT applications to AI/ML workloads to batch processing platforms as a service solution. 

Architecture Office is helping companies build capabilities for modern applications, but it also provides support in practicing those capabilities for smart products. It helps in the entire architecture designing of their enterprise infrastructure. 

Architecture Services

Our architects are helping businesses design modern applications with a combination of new architectural patterns and operation models. We also guide on software delivery plans. 

Our goal is to empower businesses to innovate faster while reducing the risk, improving time to market, and lowering the total ownership cost. 

Our high-value architecture analysis and design service help companies design big & complex solutions like cloud-enabled multi-tenant applications with many components like web/mobile apps, micro-services, SQL/no-SQL databases, analytics, integrations, etc.  

Our architects help companies identify when, where and which emerging technology is the right fit for their needs in their environment. We also provide estimation services for time and budgeting. 

How we stand out

Xavor’s consulting services make digital transformation smooth & successful by exploiting all possible technological benefits for your business. 

Our team of experts helps companies identify when, where and which emerging technology is the right fit for the new digital-first business model. In return, this guides investment choices for the next generation of technology. 

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