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Digital First Approach

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The convergence of digital technologies continues to disrupt every traditional industry from life-sciences to high-tech manufacturing to retail and more. Putting computed user experiences into the heart of the core business strategy is the existential challenge, and one of the most significant opportunities for decades to come.

Digital First

Organizations need to build a digital-first mindset, processes, and platforms across critical functions like marketing, engineering, IT, and manufacturing as part of essential readiness.


Implementing a digital-first strategy across enterprises is at the core of Xavor’s design-driven methodology. We enable tools and templatized deliverables that leverage our ten complementary centers of excellence through an integrated yet flexible engagement model. To demystify the journey, each of our charters has a set of “starter” packaged service offerings and solutions.


Our Design-Driven innovation process enables customers to exploit high-value disruptive innovations that often get overlooked under standard innovation processes. Our process ensures full-spectrum of value exploitation for Product-Service Systems (PSS) opportunities that can be enabled using modern digital technologies.

Xavor's Smart Product Development Services assist enterprises in leveraging digital technologies to innovate their traditional products.

01  Innovation Starter

Our Innovation Starter service (which takes customers from 0 to 1) is designed for customers who want to leverage digital technology to improve their product but are not sure where to begin. Understanding the opportunity and de-risking technology is the goal as the process moves from ideas to a working prototype. 


Our Customer Trial service offering (which takes customers from 1 to 10) is designed to complete a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and put into the hands of trial customers to validate product-market fit and get valuable “product-in-use” feedback. As part of this offering, we also finalize Pitch Deck to formally articulate long-term business opportunity potential.


Our commercialization service (which takes customers from 10 to 100) helps customers scale their operations, distribution, and sales & marketing to fully exploit the growth potential of their product innovation.  Xavor helps generate bold ideas and prototypes that are market-ready, helping to generate higher profits and equity for companies. In addition, we can help co-create smart products with factories and manufacturers to deliver meaningful user experiences.  If needed, xavor also facilitates investor pitch deck presentations to raise necessary investment rounds

Development Process

How We Do

  1. Design Research
  2. User Experience Design
  3. Technology Architecture
  4. Smart Product Model (Visual Prototype)
  5. Lab Functionality (Engineering Prototype)
  6. Site Deployment (Functional Prototype)

Xavor Accelerator helps factories who have gone through the incubator program to move towards market testing smart products. We do this through small batch customer trials and field testing through channels. This step involves designing custom printed circuit boards (PCB) with premium sensors to create high quality products.

  1. Reliable high-volume manufacturing process
  2. Product certification for various international standards.
  3. Technology refinements to optimize cost and size
  4. Selection of distribution channels
  5. Digital Platform support for customers and channels

Our Live Product

Core Features

1. Wireless Connectivity

Allows Data To Be Stored on the Cloud.

2. Microprocessor

Low Power due to 300 MHz Frequency

3. Communication Protocol IC

Allows Robust Communication with Inverter

4. Sensors

Air Quality Sensors​

5. Power Modules

Prevents Shutdown Through Dual (AC/DC)​

6. Status Indicators

Ultra-Low Power Multicolor LEDs ​

Core Expertise

IoT Architecture

Stage 1, Sensors/Actuators/Controllers: It consists of your networked things, typically wireless sensors and actuators/controllers.

Stage 2, The Internet Gateway: It includes sensor’s data aggregation systems.

Stage 3, Edge IT: Edge IT systems perform preprocessing of the data; can use machine learning, before it moves on to the data center or cloud.

Stage 4, The Data Center and Cloud, The data is analyzed, managed, and stored on traditional back-end data center systems.

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Xavor quickly deploys Microsoft (Azure) Cloud technologies to meet the complex and ever-growing needs of today’s enterprises, as well as bringing cost-effective solutions to SMBs.

Collaborative Workflows and Document Management

Xavor delivers productive workflow and document collaboration experience with deep integration with SharePoint (Cloud), Office 365, and OneDrive.

AI and Sensor Fusion

Xavor’s AI mission is to make traditional factories smarter by collecting raw data from connected products (sensors) and drive it through different stages of prominence to visualize and draw deep insights for their businesses. By adding the ability to learn customer behavior and trends in different circumstances, the devices can automatically train themselves for responding to diverse situations.

Mobile UX/UI

We develop mobile solutions to let the customer communicate with our smart products. We allow users to control and configure smart devices by mobile applications and provide smart solutions for both Android and iOS phones.

Product Design Ideology

We follow the Human Centric Design (HCD) approach for our solutions. “Human-centered design is all about building a deep empathy with the people you are designing for, generating tons of ideas, building a bunch of prototypes, sharing what you have made with the people you are designing for, and eventually putting your innovative new solution out in the world.”

Mobile Workforce Enablement

Xavor’s Microsoft Azure Mobile Services team specializes in enabling next-Generation business workflows on mobile devices leveraging Microsoft Azure Cloud services.

Enterprise Integration and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Maximize your ROI on existing legacy systems and minimize business disruption by carefully managing your migration path to the cloud. Xavor leverages the power of the Microsoft (Azure) Cloud to make your enterprise applications globally available, scalable, and cost-effective.

Smart Design

Before finalizing any design of the mobile solution, we perform complete design research of our target audience and understand their main problems and necessities. We create our mobile plans, which are intuitive and easy to use. It helps us to create a product, which is ultimately user friendly and natural to operate.


In our Smart Solution, it is a three-way communication between mobile devices, Xavor Cloud, and our Smart Product. Our mobile solution can directly configure smart devices and can operate them via cloud services. Our Cloud layer is continuously in sync with both mobile solutions and smart products to provide real-time values to our users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Xavor products are smart in terms of the meaningful and useful use experience they deliver. We lead by design and then use innovative technologies to provide smart user experiences.

We are a product innovation company focused in making traditional products smart using technologies such as IoT, Cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence. This allows traditional manufactures to increase revenue and profits by providing higher value products and also opening up opportunities for building platform based business models. In addition, Xavor also provides IT services for Chinese innovative start-ups so they can commercialize their ideas.

We are happy to visit your factory and jointly explore how your traditional product can be made smart. You are also welcome to come to our events and become part of our growth open innovation community.Our process is simple and rapid. We believe in “thinking with your hands” and after design research and experience design we dive into rapid prototyping that allows us to jointly build creative confidence and validate the market potential before moving towards commercialization through shared-risk and shared-reward model.

Xavor often organizes workshops and other activities in Shanghai, where companies can participate in the event to experience product design processes and gain industry intelligence. In addition, Xavor posts news updates on the official account regularly and you are welcome to search for “Xavor Smart Product Innovations”

Traditional manufacturers are experts in traditional products. We need manufacturers to provide us with industry-specific challenges, issues and experience and help us jointly develop smart products that meet the market needs.

Xavor is a California, USA based technology company with access to latest smart product technologies. Our local execution team in China along with our design partnerships will give you access to latest technology and design trends that can complement your internal product engineering team to help transform your traditional products into smarter version that delivers higher value solutions. We can also help you explore new overseas market and new digital channels to more effectively reach your target market.

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