Transform Enterprise Operations With Computer Vision

Scientists have successfully managed to replicate human’s unique ability to see, process information, and then act according to it in robots. However, more recently, there has been a shift in focus to leverage this technology to automate and transform enterprise operations.

Computer vision technology can collect information about employees, products, and machines through complex artificial intelligence solutions and use the gathered data to generate quality insights. These insights can help enterprises streamline the workflow along with saving precious time and resources for driving innovation.

This blog will cover seven such operations that enterprises can revolutionize through computer vision technology.

Computer Vision Technology

Document Management

Document management can be an arduous process for enterprises. As enterprises churn out huge amounts of content each day, categorizing and structuring this massive amount of content takes up a significant amount of time. It wastes precious employee time and prevents them from focusing on more innovative operations. So, there is a lot of potential for better document management in terms of improved analysis and decision-making.

Computer vision can make document processing and sorting easier for enterprises. By scanning the documents through AI algorithms, it can quickly sort them according to their types.

In this way, employees can access relevant documents anytime, anywhere. They also don’t need to ask for permission each time they need to access a document. Also, by scanning the documents, AI can deliver key insights that can enable better decision-making.

Attendance Management

Marking employee attendance can be a hassle for enterprises. It has been a while since the card and touch-based attendance systems have been around. However, they are not reliable because they increase the chances of both proxy and disease. 

Since the touch-based attendance system has multiple contact points, it can become a hot spot for the spread of viruses and bacteria. Similarly, employees can misuse each other’s cards to gain access and mark attendance. This can severely impact employee productivity and cause a significant amount of revenue loss.  

A facial recognition-based attendance system employing this technology significantly minimizes the need for contact points by marking employee attendance from a safe distance. Minimal contact among the employees also diminishes the chances of deadly diseases.

Through such an attendance system, managers can also minimize the chances of proxy because every employee’s facial features are unique.

Thus, it saves employees’ time and boosts productivity by offering the following benefits:

  • Register a worker quickly on a GPU-based system.
  • Manage the record of attendance information.
  • Minimize the chances of proxy.

Safer Factory Floor

Maintaining factory floor safety is crucial for manufacturers to avoid delays and ensure high productivity. If the employees are not wearing safety gear or are standing in the danger zone, it can lead to serious accidents and even death.

This not only impacts brand reputation but loss of precious resources can result in serious loss of revenue for enterprises.

Computer vision technology can enable manufacturers to make factory floors safe through several applications. Cameras can detect safety gear in real time and send alerts to the employees if they are not wearing one. Similarly, when transforming enterprise operations it can detect people in danger zones and send them alerts to evacuate the area.

Computer vision can detect spillages and create a heat map to help employees avoid accidents. If an employee falls down, then the camera immediately detects the fall and sends alerts to the relevant authorities.

Surveillance and Access

Even if you have a reliable security system in place, there are many ways through which unauthorized employees can gain access to high-risk areas. Some of the most common ones include tailgating, weak doors, hacked smart cards, etc.

Access to sensitive information can result in serious financial loss for an enterprise along with damage to its reputation. It also puts the employees at risk as danger zones can result in accidents or the spread of diseases.

Computer vision can effectively resolve this problem for manufacturers. Each time an employee enters an unauthorized territory, the system will immediately detect them and send alerts so that the employee stays out of that area.

Hence, the chances of workplace accidents will be significantly minimized. Similarly, as the employee stays out of the restricted zone, the sensitive data will remain safe.

Retail Operations

Store checkout is a hassle for customers, and long queues can lead to bad ratings for brands. CV can resolve this problem for retailers by providing a self-checkout option. Through self-checkout, customers can scan barcodes themselves through a CV camera.

This can speed up checkout and improve the overall customer experience as customers can enjoy more freedom.

Computer vision applications improve customer experience through other applications as well. By tracking customers’ whereabouts inside the store, it can identify popular spots which can enable them to make important decisions related to product placement and design.

This technology and AR can also enable customers to try on outfits virtually and improve their shopping experience.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a crucial operation to maintain a smooth supply chain. From warehousing to delivery, visibility and seamless collaboration are important to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.


Inventory is accurate only 63% of the time (Flexis).

This signifies that manual tracking of the inventory takes a lot of time and results in frequent errors. Computer vision can offer enhanced visibility into the warehouse workflow and significantly improve your supply chain management by counting products, automating warehouse operations, and tracking product stock’s status in real-time.

Better Marketing

With rapidly changing customer demands and expectations, it can be hard to keep pace with the changes and optimize your products and services according to them. Also, the inability to try on the products can prevent them from actively making a purchase.

Computer vision can resolve these problems a help to transform enterprise operations by empowering them to reach the right audience. By analyzing customer choices and actions, can enable marketers to generate ads according to customers’ likes and dislikes.

Similarly, by investing in digital models to promote their products/ services, marketers can save a lot of resources in the long run.


By enabling enterprises to automate and fast-track major operations, Computer vision can empower them to focus on other innovative operations and boost growth. However, to make the most of this technology, it is important to have the right tools and equipment in place. 

Xavor Corporation has worked with many Fortune 500 companies. It has introduced Computer vision services to several organizations to enable them to drive growth and stay ahead of their competitors. Our specialized algorithms enable automated monitoring, facial recognition, defect detection, OSHA compliance, and other site safety implementations.

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