Salesforce Einstein Bots – A Brief Overview

What is an Einstein Bot?  

Einstein Bot comprises two words – Einstein and Bot – that combine to give it its true meaning. While the latter refers to traditional chatbots, Einstein is a Salesforce-powered AI technology that supports multiple Salesforce products and features. It’s a set of services that brings artificial intelligence to CRM to help improve customer service and experience.   

Einstein Bot differs from a regular chatbot as it allows both manual automation of chat responses and artificial but intelligently-generated responses. These bots are available on Salesforce’s Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.  

  What is Einstein Bot


Usage of Einstein Bot

Chatbots serve a critical purpose for hardworking customer service agents: they take their load off their shoulders. Not only that, but AI-powered chatbots like Einstein Bots can also eliminate the need to hire customer service agents as they are capable of handling customer needs independently.  

Here are some of the use cases of Einstein Bots:  

  • Customer Queries – A company can use these bots to answer the basic questions of their customers. For advanced questions, they can provide detailed resources like Knowledge Articles.  
  • Status Information – Bots inform your customers about their orders’ status and share other relevant information.   
  • Address Information – Bots can also provide updated addresses to multiple branches of any business office according to customers’ needs.  

These are just some of the standard applications of chatbots; there are many other cases where Einstein Bots can come in handy.  

  Usage of Einstein Bot


Advantages of Einstein Bots  

Einstein Bots have many advantages. Some of the benefits are listed below:  

  1. Quick Case Resolution: Businesses can leverage the quick resolution of cases with instant Einstein Bot replies and resources.   
  2. Less Effort for Agents: The agent won’t have to spend time and effort on trivial issues. Instead, they can utilize themselves and their time better by solving complex problems.  
  3. Less Waiting Times: With Einstein Bots, users don’t have to wait for replies for longer durations as preconfigured answers are received instantly. Even if an agent is required, Bots can provide the necessary information while the agents take the case.  
  4. Case Management: Einstein Bots also help efficiently manage cases by routing complex ones to only the relevant and skilled agents, while more uncomplicated cases are automatically handed over to novice agents.  
  5. Human-like Responses: Since AI powers Einstein bots, you can train them to give close-to-human-like responses to customers, thus enhancing customer experience.  


Advantages of Einstein Bot


Basic Features of Einstein Bot

  • Salesforce has packed Einstein Bots with multiple features. Each Salesforce user or business can tailor the tool to their needs. They can also use pre-built templates to resolve common customer service problems quickly.  
  • You can connect Einstein Bots to buttons that users can put on their websites or web apps and use the advanced chat system.  
  • Users also have the option to manually configure each dialogue and response of a particular chat session, or they can use AI to handle most of the work. For the latter, the users can also provide their own dataset for training the Einstein Bot model per their business needs.  
  • Using coding to set up Einstein Bots is optional, as Salesforce provides a straightforward interface. However, you can use coding to address more complex needs.  
  • You can also deploy Einstein Bots on social media channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. They support correspondence in multiple languages.  


Features of Einstein Bot




Conclusion of Einstein Bot

All in all, Einstein Bot by Salesforce is an incredible product aimed at solving all the digital customer service needs of all levels. With its fast, easy-to-use, secure and valuable functionality, Einstein Bots reduces costs and saves significant efforts on the company’s part. They also serve as a handy tool for your service agents, improve the quality of customer service, and drive customer satisfaction. 

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