Xavor’s Agile Multi-Factor Authentication Solution

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) software is a simple and effective way to ensure the users accessing your systems are who they say they are. Xavor’s Agile Multi-Factor Authentication solution allows you to introduce another layer of security when accessing Agile.

When users attempt to log into Agile PLM, they are asked for an access code. The access code is then sent to the email address registered with their Agile account. Seamless integration with existing and future Agile users removes the burden on IT for managing user accounts.

Integration with existing third-party MFA providers can be done seamlessly with Xavor’s Agile Multi-Factor Authentication solution.

Here are some of the benefits and features of our MFA solution.

Benefits and Features

  • Agile doesn’t provide MFA out of the box. Xavor’s Agile Multi-Factor Authentication solution fulfills the need of enterprises to secure their access to Agile PLM with an additional security layer.
  • Already registered email addresses in Agile are used to enable MFA—no need for setting up a new user profile.
  • You have the option to skip the MFA for certain users or user groups.
  • Advanced filtering based on some pre-existing information in Agile allows more granular control over prompts for MFA.
  • Customizable duration of the access code expiry.
  • Customizable text and error messages for login and MFA prompts.
  • Integration with third-party MFA providers like DUO allows you to use existing solutions with Agile.
  • Auditing and reporting functionality makes it easy to meet stringent compliance requirements. Administrators can report on authentication attempts and user activity.
  • The Admin Panel allows administrators to exclude or include specific users. It also allows you to finetune the messages and timeouts for MFA.
  • Supported for Agile9.3.4+

System Requirements

Tomcat Version: 8.5 or above

Agile PLM System Requirements PLM System Requirements

Agile Version: 9.3.4 or above

Database Version: All versions compatible with Agile 9.3.4 – 9.3.6

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