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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is an essential software used by Engineering Teams across enterprises. PLM solutions help manage innovation and streamlines the development of successful products through its information-driven and integrated strategy. All the knowledge, data, and processes have a single repository for shared access. Oracle Agile PLM serves distributed organizations by helping them innovate, develop, support, and retire products throughout their lifecycles. It captures the best practices and lessons learned, creating a knowledge base of valuable intellectual capital.

Xavor offers Consulting Services for different modules of PLM like Product Collaboration, Product Quality Management, Product Portfolio Management, Product Cost Management, and Product Governance & Compliance.

Our Services enables companies to become efficient by optimizing common data structures and processes across the enterprise. Problems are minimized by sharing accurate, consistent, and common data throughout the enterprise and bringing together data from disparate groups or new business mergers and acquisitions.

Agile PLM Services

Xavor is Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) partner. We deliver consulting services, software add-ons, and integrations around Oracle’s PLM offerings. Through our unique approach, we perform assessments, implementations, integrations, data migrations, upgrades, maintenance, and customizations with emphasis on the semiconductor, medical device, and high technology verticals. Our Agile PLM support offer flexible deployment options that enable our clients to deploy on-prem or in the cloud.

PLM Services

Agile PLM Hosting Services

Xavor’s Hosting Services enables Agile PLM customers to outsource the underlying operation of their Agile PLM applications completely. Our services simplify application management, and you have to pay a flat monthly fee instead of being billed for various reasons.

Also, Xavor’s Hosting Services includes the following key features:

  • Installation and daily backups with local and off-site storage with your system hosted in Amazon Web Services Cloud
  • Yearly average of minimum 99% availability guarantee for Production platform (excluding scheduled maintenance)
  • Support for integration to on-premise, third-party hosted ERP or other systems
  • 24×7 Helpdesk availability and quick response to requests as defined by SLAs
  • A free non-production (test) environment
  • Availability of the Helpdesk Portal for clients to keep track of their requests and statuses
  • Preventive maintenance and support
  • Option to self-manage the system yourself and pay Amazon directly for the hosting fee
  • Month-to-month service with no additional invoices

Agile PLM Health Check

Xavor’s Agile PLM Health Check is a proactive measure to prevent any possible future performance or availability issues. By utilizing our experience of managing numerous Agile Platforms through the years, Xavor has developed a process to assess the health of your Oracle Agile PLM Platform and Architecture. Xavor’s Agile PLM Health Check will uncover the causes of any performance issues, and we will provide a detailed report with recommended remediation actions.

Agile PLM Maintenance and Support Services

Xavor’s Maintenance and Support Services will reduce your internal Agile PLM support costs while maintaining or improving system performance and end-user satisfaction.

Also, Xavor’s Maintenance and Support services will:

  • Ensure that your Agile PLM system is not just “up and running” but is optimized for operation and usability
  • Allow your internal resources to focus on improving your company’s business processes rather than dealing with system issues
  • Reduce costs by using Xavor’s team of experts who have resolved 5,821 Agile PLM issues to-date

Agile PLM Upgrades

We include not only delta training, but we also include business workshops on how your company can use new features and configuration in both of your test and production environments. We automatically include load/performance testing against the benchmark of your existing environment to avoid performance degradation by an upgrade, and we upgrade all of your customizations. If you lost your source code, we could decompile it to ensure that the correct version gets moved.

Agile PLM Implementation Services

Agile PLM Implementations are customized according to customers’ product development processes. They are also integrated with other enterprise applications like ERPs and CRMs. Xavor, with experience of about 50 Upgrades can help you upgrade to the latest version seamlessly without losing any of the customizations and integrations. The upgrade includes Delta Trainings and performance Testing to ensure that the newly upgraded platform performs optimally.

PLM Add-Ons

Essential Tools

We’ve designed our Assist+, Auto Value Generator, ECO Dashboard, and Excel Integration solutions with our clients in mind.

Comprehensive Suite of Add-on Products

Advanced Tools

Automation Engine Solution

Xavor’s Automation Engine Solution allows Agile PLM Admins to create custom actions without writing a single line of code. Agile implementations often require writing several customizations using Agile SDK or Groovy Script. Writing and testing these customizations can take up a lot of time, energy, and money. Our solution is a super PX, configurable using a slick Admin Portal.

BOM Configurator

Xavor’s Bill of Materials (BOM) Configurator saves Agile PLM users time with a remarkably sleek Web UI which defines rules for Variant Management as well as creates Variants using these rules.

UI Wizard for Agile PLM

Creating records can get very complicated for Agile PLM users, especially when files contain hundreds of fields that can vary based on business unit, product line, or other factors. With Xavor’s UI Wizard for Agile PLM, companies can simplify this by guiding users through a set of relevant questions and automating the creation of Agile records.

UI Wizard for Agile PLM

Xavor’s xReport – Agile PLM Data Reporting generates considerably complex reports without writing any code. The Admin Portal allows you to configure reports using data sourced through Agile Searches, Flat files, and DB queries. Users can create relationships between data-sets and generate complex analysis with minimal effort.

xEngine – Agile PLM To Any System Integration

xEngine is Xavor’s integration solution, which provides quick, efficient, and seamless end-to-end integration. With its wide range of adapters, it supports dynamic mappings and data transformations based on complex business rules. xEngine provides you everything you need to connect Agile with other systems. In addition to this, it can be customized as per your specific needs so that you can effectively integrate your PLM, ERPs, and other systems.

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