Integrating MedPro with Other Systems Using API(s)

The MedPro system uses its license validation database to provide quick search and healthcare license verification in seconds. It empowers healthcare and life sciences solutions with centralized access to key licensing and demographic data attributes for all US-based Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) to drive informed business and compliance decisions.   

Therefore, the healthcare and life sciences industries partner with MedPro Systems to solve complex data challenges in managing, validating, and enriching Healthcare Professional (HCP) and Healthcare Organization (HCO) attributes.  

This article discusses the features and services of MedPro and shows how to integrate it with other systems using APIs.  

Verify HCPs  

You can use it to verify State Licensing Status, Key Identifiers, Specialty & Address, Sampleability, and much more for Federal, State, and International regulatory compliance.  

Verify HCOs  

It provides Harness Address, Class of Trade, and Licensing data acquired directly from the Department of Health, State Boards, and additional authoritative sources to validate product shipments and distributions.  

Instant License Verification  

Confirm the eligibility of HCPs and HCOs for product distribution and commercial operations against their professional designation, license status, and sanction lists – essential for compliance with Aggregate Spend/Open Payments, Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs), Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs), PDMA, DSCSA, and more.  

Augment Data  

MedPro ensures clean and accurate Customer Master & MDM data by eliminating duplicate records, appending missing key identifiers, and adding demographic data with ongoing proactive attribute updates.  

Integration With Systems Using APIs  

MedPro provides access to MedPro’s licensing data directly in solutions via RESTful or SOAP-based APIs for streamlining data processing. You can select it based on the solution where you need to integrate it.   

The following API(s) are available for MedPro System Integration.  


Bearer: JWT Authorization header using the Bearer scheme   

Example: “Authorization: Bearer {token}”  

Security Scheme Type: API Key  

Header parameter name: Authorization  

Authorize with the Client ID and Secret  

Obtaining an Access Token  

Send a standard OAuth 2.0 request using the client credentials grant to get an access token: 


POST /v1/authorize/token 


content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded 





For Authorization, use Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data (for other requests, usually only application/json is supported). 

The response will look like the following: 


HTTP/1.1 200 OK 

Content-Type: application/json 


    “expires_in”: 3600, 


Making API Requests 

The access token must be included in every subsequent request in the Authorization header using the “Bearer” HTTP authorization scheme. 

Here’s an example: 


GET /resource HTTP/1.1 


Authorization: Bearer jcwMzEwNSwiaXNzIjoiaHR0cHM6Ly9hcGkubWVk 

Get a List of HCPs 

Get a list of Health Care Practitioners that meets the criteria. The response is typically limited to between 50-100 records and may be configured to return up to 500 records. 

Wildcards are supported for some parameters, as defined below, and may only be used at the end of a string. For example, Smith* will allow a search for last names beginning with Smith 

GET/POST: /v1/hcps/search 

For response details, please refer to MedPro’s provided documentation. 

Get One HCP Detailed Record 

Get one Health Care Practitioner’s detailed record 

GET: /v1/hcps/{id}For response details, please refer to MedPro’s provided documentation. 

Get a List of HCP Detailed Records 

Get a list of Health Care Practitioner detail records based on the comma-separated MedPro IDs provided. 

POST: /v1/hcps 

  “ids”: [ 



Search from the Universe 

Returns true if the provider is in the Universe. False otherwise. 

GET: s/v1/universe/{id} 


“inUniverse”: true, 

“clientId”: “string” 


Add Provider to the Universe 

It will add the provider to the Universe, irrespective of whether they are already in the Universe or not. Post: /v1/universe/{id} 


We hope this article helps you understand the various features of the MedPro system and how it can be integrated with other enterprise systems. 

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