8 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dominate 2022

With over 5 million apps already present on the Google App store, one would expect that the demand for mobile apps to be static if not declining. Instead, it is on the rise with several new mobile app development trends paving its way.

The new mobile app trends focus specifically on increasing consumer engagement, enhancing experience, and attracting more users. As a result, the trends are incorporating advanced technologies and huge amounts of data and analytics to shape user experience.

Here are the top 8 trends that will completely transform the mobile app development landscape in 2022:


5G technology has been around for some time now. And many tech companies have already incorporated this technology to offer enhanced experience to their customers. However, in 2022, the technology will become the new industry standard.

New and improved technology trends will encourage the developers to leverage this technology to offer a thousand times more bandwidth than 4G. Another benefit of this technology is its lower latency than the preceding technologies. This will translate into minimal interruptions and smoother connectivity.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Like 5G, AR is already being used by several industry leaders. However, AR has an interesting benefit to offer to the sellers. The latest mobile app development trends include the employment of AR to offer personalized experiences to the users.

The sellers can showcase their products and services in a more engaging way to their customers. Customers too can determine what a specific product like a piece of cloth would look like on them before making a purchase. So, AR offers a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers.


One of the many new trends in mobile app development is the use of blockchain technology. Security and misuse of data has always been a big concern among the app users. Blockchain resolves these issues through its provision of decentralized databases.

The apps backed by this technology are end-to-end encrypted so no one company or a person reserves rights over the data or can modify the data. For more secure digital transactions and exchange of sensitive user data, blockchain is the future.


Perhaps the most innovative mobile app trends in recent years has been the use of AI/ML. AI is already being used in facial recognition feature on mobile phones. More and more app development companies are incorporating this feature to improve user security.

AI and ML will also be used extensively in 2022 to offer geo detection, better gaming experience, and advanced software development to the users.

Low Code App Development

Previously, even relatively simpler apps required the developers to write long codes. But thanks to modern mobile app development services, developers no longer have to spend days and months writing app codes.

2022 will see a boom in the use of low code app development frameworks which provide user-friendly and intuitive interfaces to create an app. Since their usage will be on the rise, consumers can expect an huge increase in the number of apps as well in 2022.


2022 will also witness a rise in wearable mobile app development. Wearables have a user-friendly interface, are easy to carry, and offer personalized insights to the users. They have been around for a decade now but after the onset of Corona virus pandemic, their usage has significantly gone up.

From tracking heartbeat and steps to offering personalized lifestyle and diet recommendations, wearables have a lot to offer.

Touchless UI

Touch based interfaces of mobile apps have become exhausted. Now, both the developers and consumers want something innovative out of the mobile apps that requires minimal effort by the user.

So now developers are focusing on coming up with voice or gesture-based interfaces in 2022. Such interfaces have the potential to change the game for the elderly or differently abled people altogether.

Predictive Models:

Finally, more and more developers in 2022 will incorporate predictive analytics models in their apps. These models use the existing customer-related data and offers insights into their likes/dislikes and buying patterns.

Based on these models, Xavor team can customize the products and services for their customers and achieve higher satisfaction rates.

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