Why Should Organizations Upgrade to Agile PLM 9.3.6

To keep up with the rapidly changing consumer demands and industry trends, digital transformation has become inevitable for organizations. Software like PLM, in particular, significantly improve operational efficiency and empower organizations to unlock new pathways for progress. Oracle Agile PLM is software that enhances the quality of products and ensures seamless organizational processes. To enable organizations to capitalize on its best practices, they needs to be regularly upgrade to agile PLM.

The latest version of the agile PLM offers a diverse set of features such as design and content updates, more customization, and extended support. These features can help organizations unlock greater business value and outmatch their competitors through the following benefits;

Reduced Time to Market:

While the previous versions offered centralization, Agile 9.3.6 takes it one step further.

It speeds up product development by enabling the adoption of multiple owner use cases.

Every owner with resource pool access can easily manage it and collaborate with various teams. This can accelerate product design and reduce time to market.

Improved User Experience:

Upgrading to Agile 9.3.6 can minimize processing errors, automate time-consuming activities such as product counts and turn user experience into a seamless one. The enhanced user experience can boost overall productivity and lead to higher customer satisfaction rates. Version 9.3.6 offers improvements in these areas in terms of user experience:

Editing Saved Searches:

To edit saved searches, users first had to run them while using the previous versions. The new version adds an edit icon to facilitate users. This icon enables the user to perform edits on saved searches without running them.

Workflow Routing Tab:

The routing tab in the previous versions did not include routed date. The new version includes a routed date column to improve workflow.

Numeric Formats:

The previous version included only two numeric formats. The new version has four additional numeric formats. Also, the upgraded system issues an error message if the numeric format entered does not match the valid format defined.

Attachment History:

The previous versions allowed history records to be written only at the top level. The record for the export of the attachment did not exist. The new version allows the export history to be written for every level of the BOM that has an attachment exported through a ‘Keep the current behavior’ option.

Oracle Support:

Oracle support can be highly beneficial for customers for bug fixing and sorting out system incompatibilities. To support upgrading to latest versions, Oracle is no longer offering support to its customers using the previous versions of PLM. For an overall improved software quality, the support offered by Oracle is quite important. So, organizations should upgrade to 9.3.6 to make the most of the new version’s capabilities with premium support.

Xavor’s Role in Upgrading Agile PLM:

The newest version of Oracle Agile PLM can reduce production time, improve user experience, and boost ROI. However, you need to choose the right company to seamlessly handle your upgrade process.

Xavor Corporation has spent 25 years digitizing organizations and enabling them to perform at their best potential. Our services enable organizations to become efficient by optimizing common data structures and processes across the infrastructure.

Xavor’s premium Agile PLM upgrade services include the following:

  • Automatic load/performance testing against the benchmark of your existing environment to avoid performance degradation by an upgrade.
  • Upgrading your customizations and integrations
  • Decompiling a lost source code to ensure that the right version gets moved
  • OPLA upgrades installation even if you have page 3 or custom attributes configured
  • Maintenance of older PLM versions

Not only do these methods support and manage the upgrade process, but they help in cutting unnecessary expenses too. Properly executed and managed PLM support and maintenance during an upgrade sets enterprises on the path to success!

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