What’s New With Microsoft SharePoint in 2022

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise collaboration tool that has taken its place as a reliable intranet in a large majority of modern businesses. Microsoft SharePoint enables seamless connectivity, hassle-free file sharing, controlled access, and effortless social media interactivity, making it an expeditious and secure intranet. 

This popular collaboration tool is updated frequently with significant upgrades introduced annually from Microsoft. SharePoint has blended well into the Microsoft 365 layout, with the same easy-to-use interface implemented across all 365 apps. This is not the only way SharePoint has experienced improved integration with other Microsoft offerings.  

This blog will cover the new Microsoft SharePoint features introduced in 2022, including the interface upgrades, the amalgamation of other Microsoft apps, and other functional enhancements. 

Multiple File Downloads

The option of downloading multiple files as a zip folder is one of the latest functionalities introduced in SharePoint. This has given SharePoint a vital edge to bring it at par with other cloud storage software. Now users can select multiple files and directly download them as a zip file. 

Although this feature might not seem cutting edge, it must be noted that SharePoint hosts documents and files in large volumes. It has previously improved the directories and paths for each file and folder. Now, SharePoint users will reap the benefits of fully functional cloud storage, including multiple downloads in a convenient zip folder. 

Library Navigation

Another feature regarding file storage and navigation is that now users can access a dropdown menu to instantly shift between libraries associated with a particular team or site. This is a brilliant application of the neatly sorted directories we mentioned earlier.  

Users can see all the documents they have shared within a team and use this feature to view progress, perform custom searches, and share entire libraries by using the export feature via zip folders. SharePoint has chosen to provide this feature in a dropdown format, enabling users to easily select the team or site library they are looking to explore. 

Cross-Platform Connectivity

All SharePoint sites can be accessed from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Employees can access their files and connect through SharePoint on the go. The compatibility of SharePoint on all platforms is remarkable, which is why the improved connectivity feature in 2022 must be mentioned. 

Given the devices’ ability, employees can perform almost all mainstream functions. In this way, a single SharePoint subscription offers greater value as it is optimized for use across multiple platforms, whereas other intranets may have to be customized for this purpose. 

Integration with Power Apps and Flow

Power Apps have given organizations an excellent capability to develop apps and mobilize extended functions as they desire. Microsoft provides a wizard to walk you through the entire process of creating a Power App from within the SharePoint interface. PowerApps can be found under SharePoint lists and made from the toolbar in the latest update.  

Another valuable integration is with Microsoft Flow. Flow allows users to create custom workflows based on a set of pre-defined templates to streamline the collaborative tasks within and between multiple teams. The templates guide employees on assigning tasks and dividing a process between different functional units in the organization. 

In this way, through SharePoint, users can access many of the beneficial Microsoft enterprise tools that have been integrated into its interface. These integrations are part of Microsoft’s Office 365 offering to equip organizations with all the software they need to ensure smooth operations. 

Column Formatting

The new library design in SharePoint features column formatting options. Users who frequently browse a single library that holds extensive data or has multiple columns of data can now be formatted to change color and icons that will provide visual context to the stored files. 

Users can either add a new column or select an existing one, after which they click on the “Format this column” option to customize how it will look. This sort of end-user customization makes SharePoint a favorite among daily users. 

Command Bar Customization

The command bar used in Microsoft Lists in SharePoint is now customizable. Employees can change the tools available on the command bar by adding or removing specific actions or just playing with the look of the command bar.  

The command bar is essential for users who frequently use SharePoint’s List function, and having control over its actions and visuals is definitely a plus-point. This also allows for more variation in the types of lists created through SharePoint. 

Additional Security Measures

Enhancements to SharePoint’s security are no surprise, but the new features are pretty handy. Sticking to the goal of making SharePoint convenient and user-friendly, Microsoft is adding a “Data Access Governance” option. This feature offers insights into who used SharePoint for data transfer and who the files have been shared with. Organizations can perform better audit trailing with the data access governance feature. 

In addition to this, the existing security measures have been made more robust. Admins can control user access down to item level, which gives a range of options for implementing data security. SharePoint offers a complete security solution to its users. 

Extended Language Support

One of the recent additions in Microsoft Office tools is Microsoft Viva LinkedIn Sharepoint. This automated email helps users keep track of their tasks and gives encouraging messages to support employees’ mental wellbeing. Microsoft Viva is now being adapted into multiple languages to be more inclusive and offer a better empathetic connection with the users. The most recent language support came for Japanese and Simplified Chinese fonts, catering to an important regional customer base. 


These upgrades are just some of the changes that SharePoint has implemented on its journey to become the most popular enterprise tool. SharePoint is also making migration onto the platform easier for organizations with the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT).  

If you want to take advantage of these cool new features and plan to migrate to SharePoint, consider contacting Xavor. Xavor has helped multiple industry leaders switch to and adopt SharePoint for their organizations. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and 25 years of experience in providing Microsoft support services, Xavor can ensure that your SharePoint journey will be smooth, secure, and good for business.  

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